Friday, 14 January 2011

January Poker

Nada, zero, zilch... absolutely none whatsoever... and half the month gone already!

Have been using my time off to research potential investments, work out their timelines, and how this coincides with my current investments and then under which wrappers to make my trades. Bit of a logistical and risk management nightmare, but one I've really enjoyed working out! I feel like I'm very well prepared and at the risk of sounding repetitive - am very excited for 2011.

At the start of the new year the majority of sectors went crazy, mine included, and I've made superb gains. Those have been cut into somewhat with delays these last couple of days, and I've seen £7k gains erode to £4k. Not disheartened though, just means another 6 weeks to wait and a slight rejig of my timing plan. Did you buy BEM after my end of Nov tip? You'd be on ~90% profit about now ;-)

Anyway as it's looking like I won't be selling some holdings this month, I could do with banking some cash at poker! I shall be attacking the RUSH tables starting this afternoon and continuing a heavy weekend schedule for once, as it's looking like a quiet one on the social front. Good luck all :-)


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Evelyn Bosco said...

wow, you are awesome as usual! i like your writing so much!