Monday, 31 January 2011

Move along January...

Bleh, poor start to the year.

Work: Shit. The other lass who helps produce the papers has been in hospital and off sick a lot. Putting together three 8-page newspapers in a week from scratch yourself is a lot more work than it sounds. And it looks like I'm going to be doing it again this week as she's off again today and text me tonight saying she's still bad for tomorrow. Without question she's not well though, one of the most committed employees I've worked with actually. Get well soon.

Poker: Shit. I played a couple of really long, heavily losing sessions to start the month. Obviously forgot how to play after a long break. Infact, that is actually true. I un-learned tilt control and was emotionally edgy for the two sessions. Cue spew and heavy loss. Have scrambled to dig myself out of a massive hole and have done to a certain extent, but still will be finishing January with a £1k poker loss :-(

Shares: Shit. After the quite ridiculous commodity bubble Q4 2010 and the first two market days of 2011, I have just seen red day after red day. It's pretty depressing logging in to see -£400, -£300, -£500 day after day. I've actually made a paper profit of £2k this month, but discounting the first two market days I've seen loss after loss total over £5k.

Health: Shit. I got majorly fat after Chrimbo and into freezing January. I got an infection the second week in Jan and was in a right state. Cold sweats on top of the usual flu shitty feeling, and I had to do a full week at work as my colleague was in hospital! Not my best week! On the 16th I was 15st 3lbs and looked a mess. Slapped myself around a bit and am on a mega diet and bike routine for the next two months at least. Happy to report I've lost 7lbs in two weeks though and am on track for being sub 14st for holiday.

I've also paid for a stag weekend, a week in Egypt end of March (gulp!) and have another weekend golf trip to pay for shortly. I'm pretty badly skint at the moment as I can't withdraw from poker as roll is much shorter than normal, and any share profits are locked up for the time being. I'm hoping newsflow allows for a big sell off in ~6 weeks as I want to get some assets moved around to be more tax efficient and hopefully avoid CGT this year.

For the last week or so I've grinded NL50 pretty hard. Incidentally NL50 is a total drool fest compared to NL100 for anyone who's teetering on that brink. The regs are miles better the next step up and there aren't any juicy loose-passives to hammer into oblivion either. At least this is true of FTP RUSH, the gulf between the 50/100 levels there is huge.

The grind will continue into Feb where I'm planning on playing a much heavier schedule, as long as I'm not completely head fucked from work Mon-Wed. Initial target is 70k hands but this is far from concrete as I will not make the mistake of playing when mentally ill-prepared again. Lol remove "prepared" from last sentence...

Bring on the lighter nights, better winrate, good weightloss, shares grow and happier blog posts. Good luck all :-)

Friday, 14 January 2011

January Poker

Nada, zero, zilch... absolutely none whatsoever... and half the month gone already!

Have been using my time off to research potential investments, work out their timelines, and how this coincides with my current investments and then under which wrappers to make my trades. Bit of a logistical and risk management nightmare, but one I've really enjoyed working out! I feel like I'm very well prepared and at the risk of sounding repetitive - am very excited for 2011.

At the start of the new year the majority of sectors went crazy, mine included, and I've made superb gains. Those have been cut into somewhat with delays these last couple of days, and I've seen £7k gains erode to £4k. Not disheartened though, just means another 6 weeks to wait and a slight rejig of my timing plan. Did you buy BEM after my end of Nov tip? You'd be on ~90% profit about now ;-)

Anyway as it's looking like I won't be selling some holdings this month, I could do with banking some cash at poker! I shall be attacking the RUSH tables starting this afternoon and continuing a heavy weekend schedule for once, as it's looking like a quiet one on the social front. Good luck all :-)