Sunday, 5 December 2010

Rush Week roundup

Grinded the NL50 RUSH tables this week for the FTP Rush Week promo. Graph above includes $500 Black Card bonus and the $250 for getting 1k points per day in the week. So all in all a pretty profitable week at NL50 - over £50 per hour - good job too as I am really poker-skint at the moment.

As you can see...cliffs from the graph: I WILL MAKE YOU FOLD!

I decided to make some very general observations and create a gameplan from there. Basically, RUSH was a nitfest this week. So I should be able to define ranges well, and the vast majority of the time you miss anyway. So phrase for the week was 'bombs away' and I tried to win every pot. Will definitely have to tone this down when I move back up.

Didn't include the EV line as was too much clutter, but it was $10 under the winnings line. So I ran average, which is a good job as playing as aggressive as I did could easily have been messy. I'll take average!

The bit around 21-24k hands looks like I forgot how to play poker. Well basically, I did. That was me playing on Saturday after a house party at mine on Friday night. I left playing really late and had to grind for a few hours outside of happy hour, which seemed like a lifetime with a sore head. Job done though and I didn't bleed too heavily. Started off on a big loss today but managed to claw back a win and round up the week nicely.

I've seen a few people 12 tabling RUSH and as I only play 4, this is quite intriguing. Will have a play with Tableninja and see what I can get going, afterall I've paid for the full version which I'm not using atm.

Will have a couple of days away from the tables now I think, but still hoping to post 70k+ hands for December, definitely going to put a good shift in. Can't wait for the market to open in the morning, weekends are boring!

Good luck all :-)


William Poulsen said...

WP! 12 tabling rush WTF?!?! Is there any need to play more than 1 table lol? Obv. is am just curious why?

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