Friday, 24 December 2010

December coming to an end...

I've not done what I set out to do in my last post - have only just finished my first session since the last graph. Thankfully it was a nice winning session of £400+ back at NL100. So Dec is looking good despite poor volume. Work has been pretty manic, a fairly busy social schedule and then all the Christmas rigmarole I was being a tad overly optimistic!

I hope to be able to play a fair bit before New Years as I've still got a bit of bonus left to clear and I'd really like to end the year on a high. Not that it isn't already. XEL shares have made me a shit load more money, with some more nice gains across the rest of the portfolio too. This should continue into the new year as nearly all my companies have been seriously delayed with the harsh winter in northern Europe. Passive income feels so good, I really envy people who can live off it. Hopefully 2011 will see some big strides towards it!

Anyway I hope to log ~15k more hands in Dec, clear the rest of my bonus, bank a £2k poker month to take into the new year and set out some new plans.

I didn't do any poker achievement aims for the year, more just a general approach and mindset, which overall I feel has been excellent. Yes I've slipped here and there, but this has been the most consistently focused I've been and it's been by far my most successful year. Yes a £28k score helps, but even discounting that 2010 has been great. I had two months where I logged a minor loss, one of which where I barely played. Totting up poker has amounted to ~£46k for 2010 not counting December yet, and would be £18k tax free without the EPO score. Share dealing has been absolutely ridiculous run good since my first purchase in July and I'm currently holding £20k in profit.

Writing all that down makes me wonder where it's all gone. That is an awesome year! I think a few £thousand has gone on developing my new physique for sure! Feels good to have bought a flat and have something solid (which again should hopefully grow) as all my cash is floating around in cyberspace and is just a number on a screen! When that extra digit appeared on my ISA balance though that certainly felt good! Roll on the next one... :-)

Anyway hope you all have a great Christmas, I'm going to enjoy some family time and get fat(ter)! Wishing you and yours all the best :-)


stumpy said...

excellent year,beat it next year? all the best for 2011

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