Monday, 22 November 2010

Oh hai blog!

Yeah so I've not blogged in what seems like an age. What's worse is that the front page of this thing has had some kind of weird X Factor gay homage post doing my online rep the world of good. Anyway...

I've moved into my new flat, kitted it out and finally got proper internet in a couple of weeks ago. Loving 3D PS3 action!

I was quick to want to play poker having had such a break, and I made a bad decision. My desk wasn't finished, I wasn't properly comfortable and I played the three nights of the week where I had work and was more tired than normal. I still continued to play three nights after big losing sessions each time. GG £1k. I also ran -£800 in EV but that's not the point here, I made a bad decision and I'm mad at myself.

So have imposed another break and shan't be playing till I've finished work for the week, and even then I'll probably wait till Friday.

Haven't missed poker that much to be honest, I've been so absorbed in other things. The whole moving process is pretty labour intensive I must say, and I've still got my previous address to fall back on so it's a phoney move really. Fuck knows how long it'd take me to sort out a proper one. My flat came fully furnished but fucking hell you still have to buy an absolute ton of shit for it, and then everyday you realise you still need to get that one thing...I am 99% sorted now though, with just some shelves to go up and a couple of doors to sort. That'll be done at the weekend.

Share dealing has been taking up the majority of my leisure time, and get this, has an outside chance of becoming my biggest earner for the year behind poker. That is such a pleasing statement to be able to make after the success I've had.

Bet none of you still bought XEL after another tip on here, it's at £2.50 now from it's last tip at £1.12 and ~300% up from my first tip in August. Granted that's slightly above the norm, but hey ;-) My RRL tip would have also netted you a slightly disappointing 10%, but still better than any savings account! Next tip for free money would be BEM. I'll post back again when it's ~40% up before Christmas and maybe then you'll start listening ;-)

My whole portfolio had a nightmare today too, with some delays causing a small loss on a couple, and across the board poor performance anyway what with the Euro being a bag of shite. Pretty happy with who I'm invested in though, it pays to be well researched, quite literally. Here's to a promising end to November and kick on into December. Just hope I can break even at poker this month...

Good luck all :-)


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