Monday, 4 October 2010

September P&L

Been having a bit of trouble with blogger lately - not able to login and when I can... unable to post or comment?!? Anyway...

As you may already know, September was a blinder. I was about £300 down before the EPO and lost a bit more online after. Not great in that respect, but I don't really care. After paying out backers my month is somewhere in the region of £28.5k - I'll take it!

I've consolidated my online bankroll, sorted out savings, bought some more shares and put some £ aside for a 3D TV and PS3 for my new flat - ready for a good grind in October. Got my Full Tilt Black Card through the post so will give that a month and see how well I'm rewarded. Finally glad to be able to cash in FTP points properly! Haven't played much yet but will be putting in some good hours in the back end of this week.

I've enjoyed being a bit of a Nostradamus on my blog of late. On the 9th September I wrote "Generally I'm a bit of a lucky bastard for whom things tend to work out, so this undersell will most likely result in a final table appearance" regarding the EPO. Before that on the 3rd September I wrote "Tip of the month would be XEL.L. Pretty much guaranteed a profit in September alone" regarding share dealing.

Well as readers will know I finished 5th in the EPO, but what you may not know is that XEL had a ~35% month rising from 72p to 112p share price as I type. It's still got more to go too, I'm expecting another good rise in October pending (hopefully) good results on a new well being drilled in the north sea - which we will see results from in early November. Still time to get in while it's cheap!

A secondary tip for October would be RRL.L who should see a double up pending good results due in the next fortnight - but these are definitely one to watch for the next 18 months or so - they have some absolutely amazing prospects.

Whilst I'm getting predictions right, I may as well punt for Liverpool to go down and Man Utd to win the league, though I think the latter is wishful thinking ;-)

Good luck in October everyone :-)

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alexandra said...

sick cash in the epo, congrats:)
would love to hear more about the black card, not sure if it's worth it yet. hmm:)