Thursday, 9 September 2010

Bring on the EPO II

Tomorrow I head off to the big smog for the EPO. Staying in the Crowne Plaza St. James which looks amazing and is an easy walk from the casino as well as places of interest for my day off on Sunday. Friday night is the welcome party at Movida Night Club, which to be frank, looks like the most expensive gay bar in the entire world. Hoping it's a total freebie as if not I'll probably need to take my entire bankroll with me to get a round in. I'll be taking it easy investors, no need to frett! Only sold 25% so far so still a few more hours if you want to buy a piece of me, details here. Generally I'm a bit of a lucky bastard for whom things tend to work out, so this undersell will most likely result in a final table appearance ;-) Still feeling great about poker and can't wait for the challenge. Let's gogoogogo!!! One time!!!!! etc etc!!!!!