Friday, 3 September 2010

August wrap up

A bit late in coming, have been pretty busy last week or so. August ended badly running over £2k behind EV at NL200, but I still managed to log a healthy profit of £2.4k + $7k EPO package for the month. I'm selling shares here if you're interested in buying a (marked down) piece.

Confirmed my seat for Day 1A of the £3500+250 Main Event, have booked some swish digs and can't wait to get stuck into this tournament. Feel really good about my game and just can't wait for it really. My tourney record of late has just been deep run after deep run, especially live where I have been crushing the fields whenever I've played. Bring it on!

I've not played yet in September, though I'm probably going to log a good session later tonight. Work has been a bit stressful. I think. It's hard for me to quantify because it's obviously not doctor, nurse or teacher stressful. I've just had to repeat a lot of work I've only recently done as we have now moved the papers to a different printers and are publishing in colour. From a computer production side of things the ramifications of this are massive. You have about 4x as many things to get right, it's not as simple as just "printing in colour". Anyway a couple more weeks and the process should be pretty streamlined and I can have more time to research shares at work.

My new hobby that. Not the "at work" bit though. I'm absolutely loving "actively" saving and purchasing shares in my ISA & SIPP. I've struck gold with one share, that is up ~160% in the two weeks I've held. September is a huge month for my holdings so hopefully I'll include some positive news there in my month end wrap up. Tip of the month would be XEL.L. Pretty much guaranteed a profit in September alone. Looking forward into how this month plays out and planning investments for the next stage.

Good luck in September all :-)


William Poulsen said...

Good Luck in the EPO!!!

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