Sunday, 1 August 2010

July wrap up

July has been a resounding success for me. Some nice profit at poker, some shrewd investment in stocks, a nice short golfing holiday break (help me, help you) and a large amount of satisfaction from work. Definitely one of my most rounded months in a while.

I've figured out what it is too. Positive feedback. You get none of this being a poker pro, in fact usually a large amount to the contrary (especially if you bet KK into trup QQ). Plugging away getting nothing but negative feedback is not good for the human psyche. Anyway seems like I'm making a difference at work and have enjoyed the learning process along the way. I've worked pretty hard in the last few weeks as it's big changes from next week - of which I'm shouldering a lot of responsibility - so fingers crossed things go smoothly.

Pokerwise I've been crushing RUSH all month, that being largely responsible for a nice £1.3k profit, with a few deep tourney scores tonight and only a few hands on Laddies. Not sure how long that'll continue, roll almost entirely withdrawn there - just left enough in for me to play some regular weekend tournies. I'm still yet to win the €100k Sunday rebuy. At least I hope it's still that. I played the Saturday equivalent today, which used to be €50r €50k GTD, but was a quite pitiful €25r €20k GTD this evening :-( I came 14th for ~€100 profit, then 26th in the 2nd chance €10k GTD for small profit, and a deep run 14/~1600 on FT for $50 profit. Nice to have deep runs in tourneys alongside each other, shame things didn't run quite in my favour to be able to convert.

Whilst I've been working hard and playing RUSH on Full Tilt, I've been busy funneling money out of my other accounts and into shares. I'm in two oil companies, one very young long-term prospect, and another more established company who look good in the mid-term. Researching your market and keeping track on share prices is great fun and really engaging. Also can be pretty damn profitable! I've made more than double the interest my ISA has made this whole tax year, in just a couple of weeks, for a third of the consideration. So I've put the forms through to put all my savings in the one broker, where I can still keep my ISA wrapper and also set up a SIPP (pension), I've a few mates the wrong side of 30 now, makes me remember to plan for the future!

Two negatives to come out of this month:
1) My exhaust fell off my shit heap of a car and I had to fork out £250 for all three pipes to be replaced. After the depreciation of the new exhaust, my car is now worth about £200.
2) I'm proper fat.

The rest, pretty damn good! Best of luck all :-)

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Poker play the Soap way said...

Well done sounds like things gone well.

Watch out for positive feedback having too much impact - can be result of low self asteem.

Plus Ben and I can soon knock you back into shape ;)