Saturday, 21 August 2010

Bring on the EPO

Last weekend I won a $7k EPO package through raketherake on Ladbrokes. Absolutely delighted and can't wait to play in the event. Casino looks amazing, class location and great structure where I'm sure all the big names will be playing. I can't really justify the $5k+ buy in though so I'm looking to sell 50% of myself. There is a thread over on the NPF here where you can post if you're interested, or you could leave me a message here.

Had a busy week at work this week so haven't played online at all really. I got drunk for my 27th (eek!) birthday on Wednesday night with the pool team and again last night with the football lads at a home poker night where I was a huge donator. Ben luckboxed the massive pot catching up on some run-good.

I played 45 minutes in goal today and it's hard to put into words how bad I am at football now. I just have no ability. I thought at least I'd be able to kick and catch OK, but no. Complete retardation. We somehow drew 3-3 after being 3-1 down after 85 minutes, so I guess we'll take that!

Will do a bit more socialising tonight before some more EPO satellites tomorrow. Good luck all :-)

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Karp Rossa said...

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