Saturday, 17 July 2010

Stuff I've been doing

Not blogging for a start.

As you know, I've started a part time job since coming back from my hols. That's been taking up a lot of my time but for good reasons. I've done a fair bit of overtime (both paid and unpaid!) from my scheduled 2 days a week. I'm migrating the systems to Adobe CS5, learning how to use InDesign and Illustrator to an expert standard, and creating new templates and layouts for the newspapers. I've really enjoyed doing this mainly because InDesign (and the whole of CS5 for that matter) is so powerful and a joy to be able to use well. I can't understand how some people still "hate computers", if you're reading this now... they sure make your life easier! Anyway it's a parallel run next week then we make the switch the week after, so my life will be a lot easier after that. More time for other things...

Like golf. I watched a bit of The Open today (I'm not an avid golf fan by any means) and LOL at that wind and people putting from 50+ yards. One guy made an immense - what must have been nearly 100 yard - putt from a members tee spot back onto the adjacent green and straight in. Bosh! Dunno his name though :-/

I'm going to Edinburgh with the lads for a weekend of being drunk and hungover with some golf in between at the end of the month. Something about a triangle too. I've had a couple of golf lessons at my local course from the club pro in the last two weeks. I can hit the ball but I'm pretty shit at golf. I've got a good base ability at sports so I kind of adapted my cricket teachings and developed a swing that would allow me to hit the ball as hard as possible in a general forwards and up direction. Turns out this wasn't that bad but with an hour of professional correction my new 'pro' swing is coming along nicely, still feels slightly alien but it'll come. I've hit the ball in the nets and when I connect it bloody flies. Looking forward to another couple of lessons before we head off. I want to hit some balls properly as I've only done net sessions in the two lessons I've had. Hopefully some driving too. I've never been on a range and have only hit a driver messing around. I am (was) terrible at it, hopefully I'll be somewhat improved and would love to be able to hit a ball 200+ yards away in Edingburgh... straight into the car park and smash Azz's windscreen whilst he's asleep in his car.

So I'm learning golf and CS5 so my mind has been quite engaged of late. It's not really the same for poker anymore. There's been no "a ha" moments for ages now. I've been playing a lot of RUSH lately and there's some interesting dynamics to that, so maybe I'll get one soon. I've also been playing some Colin McRae Rally on the PC and plugged in the joypad for it. I wondered if Tableninja would pick it up and unfortunately it didn't, until I googled and downloaded an awesome piece of software called Xpadder. Only a tenner for a real clever piece of kit.

So with basically no eye movement (stacked tables) and buttons covering all my betting options, I'm suddenly 12 tabling RUSH poker. That's INSANE! I reckon with this setup I could 16 table Full Tilt and 24 table Stars full ring 9 seaters (40 tables total) all at the same time. Not ideal, but doable. I found myself getting a bit frustrated - I put this down to getting used to the new setup - but I really shouldn't be. I've just bought the new Logitech Performance MX mouse too and this would more or less nullify that purchase. I broke even after finding myself wanting to call and see flops far too much. Button clicking is so easy and when the table moves behind a stack it doesn't quite register as hard that you're making mistakes. You miss so much gameflow too and stat reading goes out the window after 15 minutes.

I had my tea and reverted back to the normal mouse setup, and just 4 tables. Totally crushed it for 11 buyins and £500 for the day. So now I have nearly my 'standard' bankroll back online after it became depleted before hols and my extended break. A lot of that is in Full Tilt and I shan't be moving it anytime soon. The RUSH games are so good, especially this week with the promo. I've just checked my stats and am surprised at what I've seen. I'm at £1k for the month, having barely played in my eyes, but I've played 42k hands... that's almost a standard month of volume (3 months Ben) in just 8 days of play this month (and some of those very short sessions). Rakeback is shit on Ladbrokes now too so there might be something to this 'big site' mentality.

Unsure of my plans for the weekend, might just stay put and hammer RUSH while the promo is still running and the games are so good. Enjoy your weekend and stop by 27bslash6for a read, really funny stuff, it's been plugged a lot lately, but wanted to post my approval :-) I made the mistake of reading on my lunch at work and couldn't stop giggling for ages at a time! :-)