Thursday, 24 June 2010

First poker in yonks

Hello friends, not played poker in aaaages, and hence not blogged in forever too. As you can surmise from my previous few posts, I'd been having a bit of a torrid time at the tables. Good news is that I now feel absolutely amazing. I had an awesome relaxing holiday in the Caribbean where I was able to completely reboot. It's pretty obvious I needed it, because on reading back I don't come across too well in my last few blogs! Words cannot describe how much I just love lying in the sun all day, reading and going for an occasional dip in the pool/sea. The rum is good too. I'll let a few pics do my talking...

All taken with my Panasonic TZ65, which is a great camera and can be had for £150 now.

I mentioned I'd play some poker out there if the games were good. Well they were, really really good. Unfortunately only at 1/2 but even so the mood never gripped me into wanting to play much at all anyway. I did play for a few hours total, once ran up a reasonable profit of just over a Benjamin between three of us, then left to enjoy the entertainment and pina coladas. Later in the week I then played again on my own when I had some dollars and not pesos on me, and promptly lose QQ vs TT preflop. Between those few hours live, and maybe 45 minutes online that's all the poker I've played in a month.

I've also started a part time job since returning, working two and half days a week (on average) for a local newspaper office. I've completed my first "week" today, which was a bit of a learning process really and I don't feel like I'm the whizz I thought I'd be just yet. Reasonably enjoyable though. Was weird not being able to just piss off with mates to go watch the England game come lunchtime - I had to slog on till 2pm :-p It's a nice and relaxed place.

Been looking forward in last few days to attacking poker online, mainly because I know I feel fresh from such an extended break, and I know I've got my approach right again. I'm attempting to nit it up a bit and I took my first steps tonight playing Full Ring Rush on my short roll at Full Tilt. It's not so short now. I shipped just shy of eleven buyins, only at NL25, but hey I'll take it. Nice to eclipse my weekly wage in two hours on just the micro tables :-)

Going to get an awesome amount of sleep (damn 9-5 is hard!) and put the next part of my poker plan into action tomorrow. Good luck all :-)