Tuesday, 11 May 2010


I have done nothing this week. Nothing.

Went up to Newcastle on Friday night with the idea of hitting the cash tables at Circus with Ben. Wasn't any tables running at ~9.20pm which was surprising at first but once we learned the tourney that evening was a late 9pm KO it made sense. Rather than make the trip to Aspers we decided to play the £15 1r which got ~45 runners. Neither of us were too thrilled about it and saw it as a stop gap for time before the cash tables opened. We'd have to win it to make it totally worthwhile. So, I did.

Nothing really to write home about. Standard was pretty awful all round apart from a handful of capable players. I slowplayed KK early on for a big pot, was double average for most of the tournament then went card dead from about 25 down to 15 players. Won a couple of races JJ>AK and then AK>TT, then made a raise/call w/KJ after a shorties shove and got there vs AK. Only time I won from behind whole tourney. Final table time. I can't really remember what happened. Infact that AK>TT might have been on the FT, or maybe it happened twice. A couple of players were pushing for a deal but once I amassed >average chips I kept quiet. I'd had a few diet cokes and was wide awake.The FT lasted bloody ages though and Ben kept coming over only to see more and more chips in front of me. Poor fella's getting on a bit now and was dropping on his feet. Three left now and they push for a deal again. I have double 2nd place so offer a deal that was quite largely in my favour expecting it to be rejected out of hand. They both snap accept and I guess I'm happy too!

So £300 ftw but £10 for the valets and a 33% share for Ben see that diminish somewhat. Good news however in that Ben has managed to gradually nit away his money on the cash table, then get it in in terrible shape but finding the river for a big pot and a tasty £12 profit.

Coked up to the eyeballs (the legal kind) I can't sleep for another couple of hours, and only manage maybe 3 hours in total. Saturday we go watch the Blackpool game at John's amazing new pad, grab some food then head out on the beers/cocktails. An eventful evening sees us back at John's playing drinking games loving our cousin (and each others') into the light hours again. I somehow stay awake the whole day at Ben's, watching Apocalypto (awesome) and having a late Indian, after probably only 1 hour more sleep.

Monday I slept more or less the whole day. Today I have again slept the vast majority. Haven't felt like poker at all yet and may put off playing tonight. I'll see how I feel after another lie down! The live win at the weekend has added to ~£500 of online profit for a nice start to the month and thankfully little pressure to play, so I've enjoyed the time off. Good news also that after a couple of heavy weekends I've managed not demolish a large pizza at the end of the night, and also not ordered ~£20 worth of takeaway the day after. So the holiday weight loss has continued in the right direction, and to be honest this holiday cannot come soon enough. Really looking forward to it! Roll on! :-)

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donald said...

why the sleeping every day. shame about the wasted trip to newcastle- however could've saved a few (if you believe in fate). Apocalypto- awesome movie, more people need to see it- breathtaking.