Thursday, 6 May 2010

An inauspicious start

Have decided to start small this month and have just been grinding NL50 in the hope of getting a good run of results together. I really want to smash it for double figure bb/100. So far I should be, but it's not happening for me at the moment.

I should be taking positives from the graph but I'm really not. Feel a bit burned out to be honest. I played a few WSOP steps on FT this afternoon. I won a few tickets to step 2, but towards the end of the session I thought wtf am I doing multi-tabling $3 STTs?!? I was also registered for a Cruise Step STT all day on Laddies and it never filled :-(

Going for a run in the morning and hopefully this will clear my head a bit and I can concentrate on a good 8+ hours tomorrow and get some momentum going...

1 comment:

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