Sunday, 30 May 2010

In need of a serious change of luck

Everything I've played in the last three weeks or so has been horrible. I run awful at NL50 for a week and a bit. I play some micro PLO and run twenty buyins below EV in three hours. Ordinarily I think I'd be bust had I not had such an awesome start to the year and been an insane volume monkey. I've had a few extended breaks in between the losses, and over the weekend I have played some tournaments.

I final tabled bubbled the $42k on Full Tilt (although pool topped $60k) taking 11th for ~$500 which was my "best result" of about 15 tournies. I am incredibly sad but not at all downhearted as I have been pretty much shafted in every entry. In that same tournament I lost AQ vs A2 and AJ vs A7 then shove 99 into KT and gg, $12k up top.

What I am most miffed about is the €50r on Laddies. I've played it a total of six times I think, twice again this weekend on the Sat and Sun. Every single time I have lost overpair vs underpair situations for top ten chips with less than 100 runners left. Every, single, time. Most recently it was QQ vs 99 for a jillion BBs vs Mongo VI. I'm sure my screenname get's me tons of action. I'll win that tourney before the year is out, mark my words!

Last tourney of the day was the €4k on Laddies. I'm 1st-7th from about 40 players left right down to the final table. Second hand in, UTG limps, I check T8 in the bb. Flop T83, we get it all in, him JJ, runs out 9,7 and gg you really played that well. Tenth for £50. Seriously FU. The money on the final table was pish anyway but I really should have been taking down the €1.3k.

Anyway I have a much needed huuuuge awesome break ahead of me, a fortnight all inclusive 5* resort holiday in the Caribbean. Fuck yeah! This could not have come at a better time. I'm taking my laptop but I doubt I'll play any online poker at all. There are two casinos on site and there'll hopefully be some decent games going. Not that I'm going there for that at all. This is undoubtedly a R&R holiday, but hopefully the sun will do me some good and I can maybe bring in some $ while I'm out there.

Finally if you've read this far you may wish to leave an empty comment making some unfelt remark about an element of my post, just as long as your name links to a gaming website. Well firstly, ask yourself the following questions: Are you satisfied in what you are doing? Is this an effective use of your time? Secondly, don't bother answering, because I'll just delete it.

GG all and happy holidays me! :-)


mulhuzz said...

pls run better.

one of my fave blogs.

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Poker play the Soap way said...

When your get to these stages and getting these beats then your doing something right.

Enjoy vacation - I wont leave a link to my highly priced subscription sports betting service - you too could spunk all poker profits away - bit since you aint got any i wont bother ;)

JamesRaz said...
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