Thursday, 13 May 2010


My volume has been nothing this month compared with the long hours, mass-tabling approach I've taken for the year-to-date. I've mainly 6 tabled, sometimes 8 whilst swapping out poorer tables. I've rarely played over two hours stints, whereas previously that has been the minimum qualification for "a session". This has resulted in:

I'm hoping I can keep it up. The approach I mean. I know I'm not going to win every session this month. The thing is, as soon as I lose a few hundred, I envisage regressing back into "grind mode" and immediately want to log a shit load of hands. I'm going to seriously try not to. I'm really enjoying the relaxed approach and hope I can keep banking wins in most of my sessions.

You'll notice I've also been playing a bit of FL. This has been for no other reason than "I fancied it". Normally I'd play a bit of HU, but playing FL allows me to do some of my favourite things: steal blinds, play turns & rivers, and generally be a monkey in position. Also playing FL helps you develop that inner peace in dealing with outdraws :-D

Good luck all :-)

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