Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Downswing thoughts

In amongst all the crap posted below is a graph, that is legitimately mine. Not had such a good month turn to shit in such a short space of time before. I've always uhm'ed and ah'ed around the idea of an effective stop loss. It's something I've thought that if you are in emotional control of yourself, you shouldn't need. But I'd never sunk twenty buyins playing good poker in one day before. Although I can grasp that it's inside the realms of possibility, I just never thought it would happen. I am 90% happy with my play too, I was playing good solid poker, getting it in more than happy, and just losing all the time. I also took call-call-call lines vs aggro villains and was non-results orientated-ly proved correct each time as they bink off perfect-perfect for >200BBs.

Anyway, the stop loss. I was never sure on how many buyins it should be, as somedays I'll play 36/30 and others 22/18. Somedays I'll four table, others nine. The answer to me now is alarmingly simple, it should be a designated percentage of your bankroll. I lost almost exactly 50% of my BR last Friday, and it will not happen again. It's a bit of a saving grace that I was quite over-rolled at the time. I think 20% is a good amount, at least for me. I tend to have particularly good or bad days either way, and I think 20% is large enough for me to feel yet not be decimated by the loss.

Since Friday I've lost a chunk to my mates at Azz's homegame. After double figure rebuys I lose KK vs T9 vs QJ on 894 flop, 7 turn, T river for big stack Azz to amass 70% chips in play and go on to take it down. I won the second game but wasn't for much and only supplemented the losses. Stayed awake for the boxing (kind of) and then had a lazy-ish few days at home. Lazy as in no poker, but tons of training. I'm getting good at running again.

Knee Update: My knee hurts for the first 5 minutes running. I've got a warm-up routine sorted that helps, once I'm warm it feels 100% OK, but that five minutes is like Chinese torture. Obviously this is concerning so I'm going to get some appointments sorted for when I get back from my hols. Sunday night I ran off my hangover completing over 7 miles for the first time in about 2 years. It was reasonably warm and started raining too, and I'm sure any runners will agree, this is just so awesome. I felt amazing and prob would have done another lap or two if it wasn't pitch black! This was in my footy boots on grass doing some laps of a few local fields.

I donned the proper running trainers today and set off on the road to do a proper circuit and not be bored by the same scenery over and over again. Mistake. Blistered to fuck after three miles and despite trying all sorts of sock witchcraft, had to walk back. Bike for a few days now and being bored again, sigh.

Poker wise, I've also hit the ground running. Back to NL50 for a bit, I've totally crushed winning over ten buyins in a couple of days and around 6k hands. Despite obviously losing here and there, I feel like playing at that level is almost like printing money, I've just got it sussed. Still slightly down on the month not counting rb and bonus. Hopefully I can continue the grind, but not tomorrow as I'm off to Alton Towers with a big group of mates who've all had the day booked off for ages. All I have to do is get up at 6am, sounds pretty simple but it's not going to be...


Blackjack Superstar said...

Absolutely fantastic blog. Sorry to hear about your knee - broke mine about 4 years ago and after much physiotherapy and hard-work I was able to complete the NY marathon last year. However, I remember the first few runs being absolute agony. Good luck!

Harvey Ruggeri said...

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