Tuesday, 4 May 2010

April P&L

A very poor month comes to an end. I was fully expecting to post a loss but have been pleasantly (in the loosest sense of the word!) surprised...

NLHE Cash: -£1,664
MTTs: None
62k Hands

Staking: £87 (Soap Irish Open)

Rakeback: £1498.88
RTR Bonus: £657
Other Bonus: £173

Total: £752




Very disappointed to post a huge cash game loss
Zero MTTs played
Wishy washy attitude
Played drunk on a few occasions

Two very disappointing month end reports in a row. I am very determined not to make it three.

The blog has been a bit neglected of late. I've had a trip away to Blackpool with the pool lads after our two leagues came to an end. The following week was the two presentation nights for the leagues we've played in (and won both) and last weekend I was in Newcastle for a wedding do. So I've been out and about a bit and drank and ate a whole lot more than I'd liked to. A couple of those nights I've logged on at poker and posted a significant loss. Hard to say how deeply sad I felt with myself after this. I hope this has truly registered now and I can force a rational decision in future.

This month shall be very different. The pool leagues are done so I won't be having very much to drink at all, this will effect both the amount I can play poker, and also the weightloss/fitness regime for my holiday at the start of June. Of which that itself is also a hugely motivating factor to win some $$$ as I'm sure the casinos on complex will be rather soft.

I plan on playing some MTTs this month again, as well as have a pop at WSOP and Cruise Step STTs on FT and Laddies respectively. The BBJ has gone on Laddies so I'll be dropping the tables and concentrating on winrate only and not being a rakeback grinder! My effective rakeback dropped significantly this month with less matched money from RTR, I'll keep an eye on that to see if I need to move my play. Even more motivation to win well this month.

I'm hoping that the increased free time, motivation to eat healthily and get (a lot) fitter, learn Spanish and win a lot of $$$ will lead to a very productive month. Let's googogogogogo!

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