Sunday, 30 May 2010

In need of a serious change of luck

Everything I've played in the last three weeks or so has been horrible. I run awful at NL50 for a week and a bit. I play some micro PLO and run twenty buyins below EV in three hours. Ordinarily I think I'd be bust had I not had such an awesome start to the year and been an insane volume monkey. I've had a few extended breaks in between the losses, and over the weekend I have played some tournaments.

I final tabled bubbled the $42k on Full Tilt (although pool topped $60k) taking 11th for ~$500 which was my "best result" of about 15 tournies. I am incredibly sad but not at all downhearted as I have been pretty much shafted in every entry. In that same tournament I lost AQ vs A2 and AJ vs A7 then shove 99 into KT and gg, $12k up top.

What I am most miffed about is the €50r on Laddies. I've played it a total of six times I think, twice again this weekend on the Sat and Sun. Every single time I have lost overpair vs underpair situations for top ten chips with less than 100 runners left. Every, single, time. Most recently it was QQ vs 99 for a jillion BBs vs Mongo VI. I'm sure my screenname get's me tons of action. I'll win that tourney before the year is out, mark my words!

Last tourney of the day was the €4k on Laddies. I'm 1st-7th from about 40 players left right down to the final table. Second hand in, UTG limps, I check T8 in the bb. Flop T83, we get it all in, him JJ, runs out 9,7 and gg you really played that well. Tenth for £50. Seriously FU. The money on the final table was pish anyway but I really should have been taking down the €1.3k.

Anyway I have a much needed huuuuge awesome break ahead of me, a fortnight all inclusive 5* resort holiday in the Caribbean. Fuck yeah! This could not have come at a better time. I'm taking my laptop but I doubt I'll play any online poker at all. There are two casinos on site and there'll hopefully be some decent games going. Not that I'm going there for that at all. This is undoubtedly a R&R holiday, but hopefully the sun will do me some good and I can maybe bring in some $ while I'm out there.

Finally if you've read this far you may wish to leave an empty comment making some unfelt remark about an element of my post, just as long as your name links to a gaming website. Well firstly, ask yourself the following questions: Are you satisfied in what you are doing? Is this an effective use of your time? Secondly, don't bother answering, because I'll just delete it.

GG all and happy holidays me! :-)

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Downswing thoughts

In amongst all the crap posted below is a graph, that is legitimately mine. Not had such a good month turn to shit in such a short space of time before. I've always uhm'ed and ah'ed around the idea of an effective stop loss. It's something I've thought that if you are in emotional control of yourself, you shouldn't need. But I'd never sunk twenty buyins playing good poker in one day before. Although I can grasp that it's inside the realms of possibility, I just never thought it would happen. I am 90% happy with my play too, I was playing good solid poker, getting it in more than happy, and just losing all the time. I also took call-call-call lines vs aggro villains and was non-results orientated-ly proved correct each time as they bink off perfect-perfect for >200BBs.

Anyway, the stop loss. I was never sure on how many buyins it should be, as somedays I'll play 36/30 and others 22/18. Somedays I'll four table, others nine. The answer to me now is alarmingly simple, it should be a designated percentage of your bankroll. I lost almost exactly 50% of my BR last Friday, and it will not happen again. It's a bit of a saving grace that I was quite over-rolled at the time. I think 20% is a good amount, at least for me. I tend to have particularly good or bad days either way, and I think 20% is large enough for me to feel yet not be decimated by the loss.

Since Friday I've lost a chunk to my mates at Azz's homegame. After double figure rebuys I lose KK vs T9 vs QJ on 894 flop, 7 turn, T river for big stack Azz to amass 70% chips in play and go on to take it down. I won the second game but wasn't for much and only supplemented the losses. Stayed awake for the boxing (kind of) and then had a lazy-ish few days at home. Lazy as in no poker, but tons of training. I'm getting good at running again.

Knee Update: My knee hurts for the first 5 minutes running. I've got a warm-up routine sorted that helps, once I'm warm it feels 100% OK, but that five minutes is like Chinese torture. Obviously this is concerning so I'm going to get some appointments sorted for when I get back from my hols. Sunday night I ran off my hangover completing over 7 miles for the first time in about 2 years. It was reasonably warm and started raining too, and I'm sure any runners will agree, this is just so awesome. I felt amazing and prob would have done another lap or two if it wasn't pitch black! This was in my footy boots on grass doing some laps of a few local fields.

I donned the proper running trainers today and set off on the road to do a proper circuit and not be bored by the same scenery over and over again. Mistake. Blistered to fuck after three miles and despite trying all sorts of sock witchcraft, had to walk back. Bike for a few days now and being bored again, sigh.

Poker wise, I've also hit the ground running. Back to NL50 for a bit, I've totally crushed winning over ten buyins in a couple of days and around 6k hands. Despite obviously losing here and there, I feel like playing at that level is almost like printing money, I've just got it sussed. Still slightly down on the month not counting rb and bonus. Hopefully I can continue the grind, but not tomorrow as I'm off to Alton Towers with a big group of mates who've all had the day booked off for ages. All I have to do is get up at 6am, sounds pretty simple but it's not going to be...

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Oh Dear

Press play and scroll down...

So yeah, back to the drawing board.


Thursday, 13 May 2010


My volume has been nothing this month compared with the long hours, mass-tabling approach I've taken for the year-to-date. I've mainly 6 tabled, sometimes 8 whilst swapping out poorer tables. I've rarely played over two hours stints, whereas previously that has been the minimum qualification for "a session". This has resulted in:

I'm hoping I can keep it up. The approach I mean. I know I'm not going to win every session this month. The thing is, as soon as I lose a few hundred, I envisage regressing back into "grind mode" and immediately want to log a shit load of hands. I'm going to seriously try not to. I'm really enjoying the relaxed approach and hope I can keep banking wins in most of my sessions.

You'll notice I've also been playing a bit of FL. This has been for no other reason than "I fancied it". Normally I'd play a bit of HU, but playing FL allows me to do some of my favourite things: steal blinds, play turns & rivers, and generally be a monkey in position. Also playing FL helps you develop that inner peace in dealing with outdraws :-D

Good luck all :-)

Tuesday, 11 May 2010


I have done nothing this week. Nothing.

Went up to Newcastle on Friday night with the idea of hitting the cash tables at Circus with Ben. Wasn't any tables running at ~9.20pm which was surprising at first but once we learned the tourney that evening was a late 9pm KO it made sense. Rather than make the trip to Aspers we decided to play the £15 1r which got ~45 runners. Neither of us were too thrilled about it and saw it as a stop gap for time before the cash tables opened. We'd have to win it to make it totally worthwhile. So, I did.

Nothing really to write home about. Standard was pretty awful all round apart from a handful of capable players. I slowplayed KK early on for a big pot, was double average for most of the tournament then went card dead from about 25 down to 15 players. Won a couple of races JJ>AK and then AK>TT, then made a raise/call w/KJ after a shorties shove and got there vs AK. Only time I won from behind whole tourney. Final table time. I can't really remember what happened. Infact that AK>TT might have been on the FT, or maybe it happened twice. A couple of players were pushing for a deal but once I amassed >average chips I kept quiet. I'd had a few diet cokes and was wide awake.The FT lasted bloody ages though and Ben kept coming over only to see more and more chips in front of me. Poor fella's getting on a bit now and was dropping on his feet. Three left now and they push for a deal again. I have double 2nd place so offer a deal that was quite largely in my favour expecting it to be rejected out of hand. They both snap accept and I guess I'm happy too!

So £300 ftw but £10 for the valets and a 33% share for Ben see that diminish somewhat. Good news however in that Ben has managed to gradually nit away his money on the cash table, then get it in in terrible shape but finding the river for a big pot and a tasty £12 profit.

Coked up to the eyeballs (the legal kind) I can't sleep for another couple of hours, and only manage maybe 3 hours in total. Saturday we go watch the Blackpool game at John's amazing new pad, grab some food then head out on the beers/cocktails. An eventful evening sees us back at John's playing drinking games loving our cousin (and each others') into the light hours again. I somehow stay awake the whole day at Ben's, watching Apocalypto (awesome) and having a late Indian, after probably only 1 hour more sleep.

Monday I slept more or less the whole day. Today I have again slept the vast majority. Haven't felt like poker at all yet and may put off playing tonight. I'll see how I feel after another lie down! The live win at the weekend has added to ~£500 of online profit for a nice start to the month and thankfully little pressure to play, so I've enjoyed the time off. Good news also that after a couple of heavy weekends I've managed not demolish a large pizza at the end of the night, and also not ordered ~£20 worth of takeaway the day after. So the holiday weight loss has continued in the right direction, and to be honest this holiday cannot come soon enough. Really looking forward to it! Roll on! :-)

Thursday, 6 May 2010

An inauspicious start

Have decided to start small this month and have just been grinding NL50 in the hope of getting a good run of results together. I really want to smash it for double figure bb/100. So far I should be, but it's not happening for me at the moment.

I should be taking positives from the graph but I'm really not. Feel a bit burned out to be honest. I played a few WSOP steps on FT this afternoon. I won a few tickets to step 2, but towards the end of the session I thought wtf am I doing multi-tabling $3 STTs?!? I was also registered for a Cruise Step STT all day on Laddies and it never filled :-(

Going for a run in the morning and hopefully this will clear my head a bit and I can concentrate on a good 8+ hours tomorrow and get some momentum going...

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

April P&L

A very poor month comes to an end. I was fully expecting to post a loss but have been pleasantly (in the loosest sense of the word!) surprised...

NLHE Cash: -£1,664
MTTs: None
62k Hands

Staking: £87 (Soap Irish Open)

Rakeback: £1498.88
RTR Bonus: £657
Other Bonus: £173

Total: £752




Very disappointed to post a huge cash game loss
Zero MTTs played
Wishy washy attitude
Played drunk on a few occasions

Two very disappointing month end reports in a row. I am very determined not to make it three.

The blog has been a bit neglected of late. I've had a trip away to Blackpool with the pool lads after our two leagues came to an end. The following week was the two presentation nights for the leagues we've played in (and won both) and last weekend I was in Newcastle for a wedding do. So I've been out and about a bit and drank and ate a whole lot more than I'd liked to. A couple of those nights I've logged on at poker and posted a significant loss. Hard to say how deeply sad I felt with myself after this. I hope this has truly registered now and I can force a rational decision in future.

This month shall be very different. The pool leagues are done so I won't be having very much to drink at all, this will effect both the amount I can play poker, and also the weightloss/fitness regime for my holiday at the start of June. Of which that itself is also a hugely motivating factor to win some $$$ as I'm sure the casinos on complex will be rather soft.

I plan on playing some MTTs this month again, as well as have a pop at WSOP and Cruise Step STTs on FT and Laddies respectively. The BBJ has gone on Laddies so I'll be dropping the tables and concentrating on winrate only and not being a rakeback grinder! My effective rakeback dropped significantly this month with less matched money from RTR, I'll keep an eye on that to see if I need to move my play. Even more motivation to win well this month.

I'm hoping that the increased free time, motivation to eat healthily and get (a lot) fitter, learn Spanish and win a lot of $$$ will lead to a very productive month. Let's googogogogogo!