Thursday, 15 April 2010


Since the very good day I had last post, I've ran pretty badly in all spots. I have been playing very long sessions as I really wanted to iron the beats out and hopefully make up some of the losses. I always play my longest sessions when I'm losing which I guess is counter productive but I don't feel like I've been in a terrible frame of mind (in the last year at least).

I've lost the vast majority of the 100bb spots lately, and been very unlucky in the cooler situations. I've had Ax flush twice on non-paired boards when villain has had a straight flush - using both his hole cards! Cheers for that!

Anyway last 11k hands I'm £800 behind EV, it was over £1k but I made a short rally and caught a bit up in the last hour. I'm now down to under £500 up for April but one positive I'll take is that my volume has been awesome the last few days which has made up for ~8 days off! I'm at 26k hands so far and hope to make the 70k mark by month end. I was ~£600 away from taking a lesser tabled, more concentrated shot at higher stakes, but the last few days has binned that plan and it's back to the grind.

Could have gone to Alton Towers today but decided against it as it's the school holidays and queuing would have been -EV in every respect. Could have saved myself £800 though!

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Karp Rossa said... - and you should obtain your newly-cooked educational document within the twinkling of the eyeball!