Thursday, 8 April 2010

Busy Busy

Done loads in April so far, and still got loads on for the next week or so. This does not include poker, but fortunately I have managed to win loads when I have found time to play. I'm up just shy of £1k in only two days of play. I've actually ran bad in a few spots too but am feeling really good about poker. Confident enough to be taking some shots in the next few sessions - but it's looking like that won't be in the next few days at least.

I also need to get sat down and work out a plan of attack for FTOPs & SCOOPs. Really want to play a lot of these so I'm going to have to free up some time soonish. Good luck all :-)

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Danny said...

How profitable has your APril been - I enjoy reading your blog, first time posting though - my April has been horrendous :(