Monday, 22 March 2010

What could have been

Pretty much sums up my night. Just lost AQ vs AJ in the mFTOPS ME as my final tourney bust. Not playing any more as definitely tilted. Best result of the night was 4th place in the ~300 runner €4k GTD on Laddies for €460, but really annoyed as lost AJ vs A9 and then A9 vs KJ on final table to same fish who goes on to win it. Had such an edge on the FT but not to be.

Also treated myself a to good value satellite on Paddy Power for an Irish Open package. Down to nitty gritty with 57 left and 27 packages, and I lose 88 vs 55 at a critical stage when I had a critical stack size vs another critical stack. I don't mean critical as in mega short, but structure wise and how the tourney seemed to be playing. Can't say I'd have cruised it afterwards but would have been very confident.

Had some minor cashes on Full Tilt in the $42k and $32k GTD. Am up on the night total but considering the Irish Open sat was €320 it's not great. Bitterly disappointed with that and also the €100k on Laddies. Ran up a top ten stack with ~200 left and was picking spots nicely. I 3b another huge stack who must have had some kind of brain fart 4betting me AI w/AQ for a billion BBs and I snap w/KK. Guess he thinks I need a big hand to call but neglects to reason his own mental image and also the fact that to be 3b him in the first place I have a big hand. Of course the Ace pops up and I'm down to average. I end up bubbling 99 < A5. €25k ftw. FU.

Obviously unless you TID a tourney report is usually going to contain bad beats, and this one is no different. Annoying that most are 80/20s though :/ Think I'm still going to stick out these big Sunday tourney schedules though, the fields are just LOL. I'd kill for any of my tourney tables tonight to have been cash tables! Some more (bigger) scores are coming my way, I'm sure of it!

Earlier in the week I was at Cheltenham for Ladies Day with Ladbrokes. Great VIP poker setup as per with Laddies. Free booze all day but gutted to find out that there was no Champagne! Guinness it was for me and with no winners all day was looking grim till I found two E/W places in the final race to put me about £30 in the black. I was also at this point about 8 pints into the black!

After the races myself, Ben and a couple of other lads staggered into Cheltenham town for what I am fairly sure is the least I can remember about a night out, ever. I vaguely remember the walk in, remember nothing about the bars location/names/decor/clientele and don't remember paying £10 into the worst club in the world. Ben tells me I was a star on the dancefloor though. We return to our digs at about 4am, obviously wake the whole place up, and I fail to figure out how to boil the kettle to make a pot noodle. I remember being very confused as the kettle had a button to boil it, but no plug. Obviously the base was over the other side of the kitchen and my severe tunnel vision meant I couldn't figure this out!

The next day was spent expelling pure evil from my system in the morning, then ruining our nice land ladies plans of going out for lunch with friends by not surfacing till after 2pm. She was a star though and still cooked bacon sarnies, we quickly packed and then set off. I somehow managed not to kill us driving the 6 hours+ north in really shit traffic.

Some possible lifestyle changes are coming my way. I'm going to negotiate a part time job doing some journalism/IT work for a local paper. I'm hoping I can agree a two day week, as I think this would be a pretty perfect break from poker week in/week out. It will provide some structure, a definite income, allow me to see my dad more often (he writes for them too now he's retired and lives just round the corner) and open some avenues for writing/photography which I also enjoy. We'll see anyway. Monday I'll be doing that but afterwards it's mega grind time as I'm still down for the month before rakeback & bonuses. I'll fix that this week and earn a lot more on the rake side of things too.

Here's to a new week!


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Poker play the Soap way said...

played well in what i seen and unlucky not to get bigger / better score , 2 points though.

1) A profitable night when feel ran bad is always good.

2) I hated min raise opens in Irish sat.

stumpy said...

keep at em big win just round the corner imo

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