Thursday, 25 March 2010

The week so far in numbers

After my promise to attack the small stakes this week to put the month back in profit, well...I have! Back to completely crushing again - which I have done consistently all of this year - apart from one bad week at the start of this month. Pleased to have turned a corner out of a bad patch and hope it continues.

As you can see a pretty grim start. But reasonable (not amazing) volume and good application has put me nicely into the black. This should also illustrate just how important a good rakeback deal is! I'll be due another ~£600 in bonus & rakeback by the time month end arrives, and hopefully I can tag on some more winnings to that figure.

I'm at The Dog's tomorrow night for a pal's birthday. Should be a great night. Hopefully I can luckbox some wins on probably the most rigged game in the world (yes, even more than jokerstars ;-))

Have a good weekend everyone :-)

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Poker play the Soap way said...

Hope your coming to Dublin with that then :D

Flights still next to nowt and just seen high speed tinternet free in room and I am flying Thur so you can play the live sat :D