Sunday, 7 March 2010

Sunday Tourneys (now w/results)

Have just reg'd for a boat load of tourneys across three sites where I have a reasonable roll:


1830 €20 €4k GTD
1900 €50r €100k GTD
2000 €20r 6m €4k GTD
2015 €1 Carnage €500 to 1st
2200 €20r €10k GTD


1900 €30 €10k GTD HH
1930 €20 ICOP ME €100k GTD

Full Tilt (ET):

1235 $3r $14.5k GTD
1345 $1 MiniFTOPS Warm Up $100k GTD
1400 $24 $42k GTD
1430 $20r $24k GTD
1500 $24 $33k GTD HH
1622 $22 DoubleDeuce $200k GTD

May unreg from the 2200 €10k on Laddies depending on how tired I am/what is still running. Looking forward to luckboxing the €1 Carnage on Laddies and beating 80,000 players over 10 hours for $3 profit in the MiniFTOPs warm up :-)

Gl me :-)


Managed some small cashes in the $1 mFTOPs Warm up, the €4k GTD 6m on Laddies and €10k HH on Virgin for a small profit on the night. Nothing really to write home about, all pretty standard hands.

I was in a great position in the €4k 6m but unfortunately blew it making a big call with KJ on JT66 turn after flop c/r (two clubs). Villain wasn't the type to slowplay preflop and weighted his c/r more towards broadway draws & club combos. Plus it's pretty damn hard to flop a set or two pair. Also my hand has excellent removal and I am crushing KQ and his straight & flush draws. JT it is though and I'm crushed. 99 loses to AQ after and gg.

Enjoyed the tourney day though, will keep a look out for some added value in the near future. Pretty sick run of tourneys coming up though, MiniFTOPs, Laddies Easter Festival and I assume WCOOP is approaching? I'm not a Stars reg though so not certain, may have to make a small deposit :-)

Good luck to anyone running deep tonight, especially Soap, Teamdobbs and Stumpy who I know are going well in respective tourneys atm :-)

Also, ship the Gatsby :-)


dapperdanman said...

GL M8!

BH said...

go robusto!!

Scrap the rest of them, just take down 1st in the 100k rebuy on ladbrokes for 24k - can't wait to get my hands on Katrina's 1% for that win!!

Brenos said...

I'm out that one!