Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Not done much in March

I'm really slacking off!

Did two full days of "proper" work Monday and Tuesday this week, as in restored & reconfigured a network computer for the newspaper office my dad reports for. Ended up doing loads of random computer kerfuffle for them, and as they employ my dad and were super chilled about me turning up at 11am each day, I didn't have the heart to charge them much. They paid cash in hand too, ka-ching!

Because of these full days of proper work, I haven't been playing much poker. I've been too tired after these *gasp* six hour days. LOL. It's not the length of worth that's the issue though, it's when it is. I've been wanting to play the Virgin Poker online series this week, they have some good value €20 tourneys running, but they start at 10pm and I'd just be dead money. As it was my plan to base poker around these this first week in March, absolutely no poker at all has materialised. I forced myself to play cash tonight (even though a bit tired) just to see if I still know how to play. I binked off more than double what I made Monday & Tuesday in just 45 minutes. Poker ftw.

Anyway I'm going to try and force a late night and consequently a super awesome lie-in in the morning. All in the name of proper application though! No play tomorrow as it's pool night (win and we secure the league with 4 games to spare!) but then hopefully some good volume over the weekend. I plan to play a proper schedule on Sunday and that means not getting horribly drunk in Durham on Saturday night. Hold one time!

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