Wednesday, 31 March 2010

March P&L

NLHE Cash £346
MTTs £430
65k Hands

Staking -£145

Rakeback £988
RTR Bonus £793
Other bonus £270

Total: £2,682


Good volume
Great application in final 2.5 weeks
£600 behind EV this month


Nowhere near enough actual poker winnings
Only managed a small profit in all MTTs (inc Mini FTOPs)* EDIT: not bad now, had missed >£300 that wasn't tracked
****Absolutely awful application in first week***

Overall I'm very disappointed with March. It's obviously nice to bank over £2.5k, but being non-results oriented, I played terrible in the first week. If I played ~80% as good as I did in the final two weeks, for the whole of the month, then I'd estimate I bank at least another £1k. This is a significant amount of cash and I will not be so lackadaisical in future. I could be freerolling my holiday, or putting a bigger wedge into savings... not good! Proper application from now on!

I've bought some small pieces of Soap and Teamdobb in the Irish Open and WSOP respectively, which will hopefully see a return further down the line. GL fellas!

Looking forward to getting the approach right for every session in April :-) Gl all :-)


stumpy said...

nice prof 4 the month kutgw

BH said...

Still solid enough results mate, even if you feel you could improve on your application. I think if you rewind 6 months and said would you take this as a monthly wage from poker then you would have been more than happy.

Just goes to show how well you're doing and (hopefully!) how many big scores are around the corner....

Poker play the Soap way said...

Time to take shots at higher in my opinion (When sober and fresh)