Wednesday, 31 March 2010

March P&L

NLHE Cash £346
MTTs £430
65k Hands

Staking -£145

Rakeback £988
RTR Bonus £793
Other bonus £270

Total: £2,682


Good volume
Great application in final 2.5 weeks
£600 behind EV this month


Nowhere near enough actual poker winnings
Only managed a small profit in all MTTs (inc Mini FTOPs)* EDIT: not bad now, had missed >£300 that wasn't tracked
****Absolutely awful application in first week***

Overall I'm very disappointed with March. It's obviously nice to bank over £2.5k, but being non-results oriented, I played terrible in the first week. If I played ~80% as good as I did in the final two weeks, for the whole of the month, then I'd estimate I bank at least another £1k. This is a significant amount of cash and I will not be so lackadaisical in future. I could be freerolling my holiday, or putting a bigger wedge into savings... not good! Proper application from now on!

I've bought some small pieces of Soap and Teamdobb in the Irish Open and WSOP respectively, which will hopefully see a return further down the line. GL fellas!

Looking forward to getting the approach right for every session in April :-) Gl all :-)

Thursday, 25 March 2010

The week so far in numbers

After my promise to attack the small stakes this week to put the month back in profit, well...I have! Back to completely crushing again - which I have done consistently all of this year - apart from one bad week at the start of this month. Pleased to have turned a corner out of a bad patch and hope it continues.

As you can see a pretty grim start. But reasonable (not amazing) volume and good application has put me nicely into the black. This should also illustrate just how important a good rakeback deal is! I'll be due another ~£600 in bonus & rakeback by the time month end arrives, and hopefully I can tag on some more winnings to that figure.

I'm at The Dog's tomorrow night for a pal's birthday. Should be a great night. Hopefully I can luckbox some wins on probably the most rigged game in the world (yes, even more than jokerstars ;-))

Have a good weekend everyone :-)

Monday, 22 March 2010

What could have been

Pretty much sums up my night. Just lost AQ vs AJ in the mFTOPS ME as my final tourney bust. Not playing any more as definitely tilted. Best result of the night was 4th place in the ~300 runner €4k GTD on Laddies for €460, but really annoyed as lost AJ vs A9 and then A9 vs KJ on final table to same fish who goes on to win it. Had such an edge on the FT but not to be.

Also treated myself a to good value satellite on Paddy Power for an Irish Open package. Down to nitty gritty with 57 left and 27 packages, and I lose 88 vs 55 at a critical stage when I had a critical stack size vs another critical stack. I don't mean critical as in mega short, but structure wise and how the tourney seemed to be playing. Can't say I'd have cruised it afterwards but would have been very confident.

Had some minor cashes on Full Tilt in the $42k and $32k GTD. Am up on the night total but considering the Irish Open sat was €320 it's not great. Bitterly disappointed with that and also the €100k on Laddies. Ran up a top ten stack with ~200 left and was picking spots nicely. I 3b another huge stack who must have had some kind of brain fart 4betting me AI w/AQ for a billion BBs and I snap w/KK. Guess he thinks I need a big hand to call but neglects to reason his own mental image and also the fact that to be 3b him in the first place I have a big hand. Of course the Ace pops up and I'm down to average. I end up bubbling 99 < A5. €25k ftw. FU.

Obviously unless you TID a tourney report is usually going to contain bad beats, and this one is no different. Annoying that most are 80/20s though :/ Think I'm still going to stick out these big Sunday tourney schedules though, the fields are just LOL. I'd kill for any of my tourney tables tonight to have been cash tables! Some more (bigger) scores are coming my way, I'm sure of it!

Earlier in the week I was at Cheltenham for Ladies Day with Ladbrokes. Great VIP poker setup as per with Laddies. Free booze all day but gutted to find out that there was no Champagne! Guinness it was for me and with no winners all day was looking grim till I found two E/W places in the final race to put me about £30 in the black. I was also at this point about 8 pints into the black!

After the races myself, Ben and a couple of other lads staggered into Cheltenham town for what I am fairly sure is the least I can remember about a night out, ever. I vaguely remember the walk in, remember nothing about the bars location/names/decor/clientele and don't remember paying £10 into the worst club in the world. Ben tells me I was a star on the dancefloor though. We return to our digs at about 4am, obviously wake the whole place up, and I fail to figure out how to boil the kettle to make a pot noodle. I remember being very confused as the kettle had a button to boil it, but no plug. Obviously the base was over the other side of the kitchen and my severe tunnel vision meant I couldn't figure this out!

The next day was spent expelling pure evil from my system in the morning, then ruining our nice land ladies plans of going out for lunch with friends by not surfacing till after 2pm. She was a star though and still cooked bacon sarnies, we quickly packed and then set off. I somehow managed not to kill us driving the 6 hours+ north in really shit traffic.

Some possible lifestyle changes are coming my way. I'm going to negotiate a part time job doing some journalism/IT work for a local paper. I'm hoping I can agree a two day week, as I think this would be a pretty perfect break from poker week in/week out. It will provide some structure, a definite income, allow me to see my dad more often (he writes for them too now he's retired and lives just round the corner) and open some avenues for writing/photography which I also enjoy. We'll see anyway. Monday I'll be doing that but afterwards it's mega grind time as I'm still down for the month before rakeback & bonuses. I'll fix that this week and earn a lot more on the rake side of things too.

Here's to a new week!

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Good habits

Today I got up reasonably early, did 30 mins on the bike and had a healthy breakfast. I then renewed my car insurance online and sorted out accommodation for Cheltenham later in the week. Myself and Holmes are going down with Ladbrokes VIP which I'm sure will be awesome as usual. I think we got pretty lucky in ragging some decent last minute digs, really looking forward to it :-)

I've logged three good sessions today totaling 7hrs 30m. First one a loser, second a big winner and third a small winner. Good though in that I've burned through 6.5k hands and €350 rake. Which goes a little way as consolation for my final session, where I won €33 but EV says €393, ten times as much LOL. I still made just shy of £400 (EV £620!) and crushed souls for 12bb/100. (I've just realised I've flicked currencies as I've been messing in HEM, great update!)

Going to play some more tomorrow, after a morning jog and again after helping my dad out at his new allotment. There is something deeply satisfying about eating something that you've grown. Looking forward to it :-) Let's keep up these good habits! Good luck all :-)

Friday, 12 March 2010

Bad habits

Been eating shit food, drinking lots, doing no exercise. Worse, these are leaking into poker. After pool last night I played drunk and lost £500. £400 of that was at 2/4 where there were two absolute idiots sat. I didn't get any of their action and lost the cash to regs :-(

I am now ridiculously determined to get back to mid January-February frame of mind and work ethic. Two good months and I go all wishy washy again. Tomorrow I'm doing a day of proper work, Sunday I think I'll do the tournies again, but from Monday next week onwards it's super grind mode.

Backside kicked!

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Sunday Tourneys (now w/results)

Have just reg'd for a boat load of tourneys across three sites where I have a reasonable roll:


1830 €20 €4k GTD
1900 €50r €100k GTD
2000 €20r 6m €4k GTD
2015 €1 Carnage €500 to 1st
2200 €20r €10k GTD


1900 €30 €10k GTD HH
1930 €20 ICOP ME €100k GTD

Full Tilt (ET):

1235 $3r $14.5k GTD
1345 $1 MiniFTOPS Warm Up $100k GTD
1400 $24 $42k GTD
1430 $20r $24k GTD
1500 $24 $33k GTD HH
1622 $22 DoubleDeuce $200k GTD

May unreg from the 2200 €10k on Laddies depending on how tired I am/what is still running. Looking forward to luckboxing the €1 Carnage on Laddies and beating 80,000 players over 10 hours for $3 profit in the MiniFTOPs warm up :-)

Gl me :-)


Managed some small cashes in the $1 mFTOPs Warm up, the €4k GTD 6m on Laddies and €10k HH on Virgin for a small profit on the night. Nothing really to write home about, all pretty standard hands.

I was in a great position in the €4k 6m but unfortunately blew it making a big call with KJ on JT66 turn after flop c/r (two clubs). Villain wasn't the type to slowplay preflop and weighted his c/r more towards broadway draws & club combos. Plus it's pretty damn hard to flop a set or two pair. Also my hand has excellent removal and I am crushing KQ and his straight & flush draws. JT it is though and I'm crushed. 99 loses to AQ after and gg.

Enjoyed the tourney day though, will keep a look out for some added value in the near future. Pretty sick run of tourneys coming up though, MiniFTOPs, Laddies Easter Festival and I assume WCOOP is approaching? I'm not a Stars reg though so not certain, may have to make a small deposit :-)

Good luck to anyone running deep tonight, especially Soap, Teamdobbs and Stumpy who I know are going well in respective tourneys atm :-)

Also, ship the Gatsby :-)

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Not done much in March

I'm really slacking off!

Did two full days of "proper" work Monday and Tuesday this week, as in restored & reconfigured a network computer for the newspaper office my dad reports for. Ended up doing loads of random computer kerfuffle for them, and as they employ my dad and were super chilled about me turning up at 11am each day, I didn't have the heart to charge them much. They paid cash in hand too, ka-ching!

Because of these full days of proper work, I haven't been playing much poker. I've been too tired after these *gasp* six hour days. LOL. It's not the length of worth that's the issue though, it's when it is. I've been wanting to play the Virgin Poker online series this week, they have some good value €20 tourneys running, but they start at 10pm and I'd just be dead money. As it was my plan to base poker around these this first week in March, absolutely no poker at all has materialised. I forced myself to play cash tonight (even though a bit tired) just to see if I still know how to play. I binked off more than double what I made Monday & Tuesday in just 45 minutes. Poker ftw.

Anyway I'm going to try and force a late night and consequently a super awesome lie-in in the morning. All in the name of proper application though! No play tomorrow as it's pool night (win and we secure the league with 4 games to spare!) but then hopefully some good volume over the weekend. I plan to play a proper schedule on Sunday and that means not getting horribly drunk in Durham on Saturday night. Hold one time!