Saturday, 27 February 2010

This week has been shit

I'm done for Feb now. Was going to play a lot today and tomorrow as worthwhile plugging on for a few extra points in both the Laddies and RTR rake races, but poker can fuck off for a couple of days.

I've consistently lost this week at a reasonable clip, putting my bb/100 for the month down to a paltry 3bb. Annoying after crushing for three weeks for Feb to end this badly. I have been on the wrong side of coolers for 10k hands and a short 1k session today really took the biscuit for -£600. Two years ago I'd have smashed something up good and proper. I'm not posting any hands though because even in a tiltrage state of mind I realise that they're not interesting and no one gives a fuck.

Still despite now feeling like shit I can't complain too much. I should still post a £5.5k month in February. If I'd somehow managed to break even this week that would have been over £7k. Still let's bank the £5k and get ready to kick the shit out of everyone next month!

Installed the new HEM update today. Pretty amazing update giving $/£/€ options which has been a long long time coming. Great for me playing on Prima obviously. I've also never really used the Rakeback + Bonus options in the HEM graphing functions. They look decent and I'm going to stay well on top of things in HEM next month as now with the currency fix is nearing a complete solution for me.

Right, have a good weekend everyone :-) FU poker!


Benjy said...

Weird, i also installed the new HEM update this weekend, and i also lost consistently all week, and i also decide fu poker!

Obviously i'm just about to try and win it all back! :)

Poker play the Soap way said...

Sameish graph as me, awesome month but horrid last 2 days - just lost 2 buy ins in 5 mins at NL1000$