Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Swongs they be one thing

Had a pretty ridiculous few days. Minus £1.5k on Friday, and +£1k today. Was well down at one point today also...

Which thankfully rescues the month a bit after a very grim Friday night session...

Think I'm going to have to be stricter on myself about where I play. True I can take my laptop and have my HEM database, but I have a pretty sweet setup at home and am mega comfortable playing in my room. It's easy to pass blame on the smallest little thing, but +EV surroundings can't harm. Ignoring the environment that session was pretty sick anyway. I flopped top set 4 (four) times and lost every one, to regs wanting to get flush or straight draws in on the flop and bink it off. Those were deep too and well over half of my losses. Final hand of the night I am ~200bb deep with a complete 74/54 spazztard. I flop a set of 2s in a 3b pot on A2x, and he check/shoves my 12 euro cbet for 200 euros, with AA. Which is awesome because I have the only hand that can pay him off. Wp, log off, nn.

Anyway made good strides to recovering that with £300 yesterday and £1k today (graphs are effectively in €) and am pushing on for another great month. I want to win more in poker winnings than last month. I won't be able to rake as much but fingers crossed I can eclipse last months cash figures, then add onto that the €3.8k tourney score and it's happy days!

Good luck all in final week of Feb push :-)