Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Look how manly I am!!

How you feeling Ben? ;-)

Yeah but seriously, it doesn't mean much. I've just quite radically changed my style again after some reading, thinking and work in HEM and I've been pwning left right and centre. Also this is so much fun to play! I was running reasonably bad at showdown but I guess it soon catches up, and it's great when you get a run going.

I delved into the world of staking on Sunday, wanting to make a nice gesture to people from the NPF who bought a % of me for the UKIPT which I was unable to play. I was in a great mood and offered ridiculously generous terms in a huge -EV move for myself, but like I say was in a brilliant frame of mind and "had a feeling" a big score could be binked off. Wrong. GG £500. I staked 8 players into FTOPS#8 and unfortunately only one min-cash and a few bounties were collected. Nevermind actually had a really enjoyable night railing.

If it wasn't for that little venture I'd be well over £5k up for the month, as it stands I'm just under. In fact it'll be over after rakeback etc. After my piss poor effort for first half of Feb I'm going to hammer away and log some hands. I'd be stupid not too when playing/things going this well. Top of the rake race at present but no way that will stand as there's a few MSNL regs and shortstackers who are sure to pull away. Top five hopefully though.

Good luck all :-)

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