Monday, 1 February 2010

January P&L

Unfortunately this isn't as detailed as I'd have liked due to my database corrupting yesterday, but thanks to my Excel spreadsheet my P&L figures are - for once - very precise:

Poker winnings: £1,682
Rakeback: £1,080
RTR Bonus: £1,000 est

Total: £3,762

I was all set for a proper breakdown of HU, 6max, PLO, SnGs, and MTTs play, but alas I can't. I can remember roughly though that poker profit was made up of approx:

6max NL50: £50
HU NL50: £100
6max NL100: £950
HU NL100: £400
6max NL200: £250
6max PLO50: -£68

I didn't play any SnGs, and I think one MTT freeroll where I didn't cash. Also the RTR bonus is estimated as they are always a few days late with their figures, but should be reasonably accurate.

Also FYI, approx 55% rakeback this month. Big drawback of me losing my DB is that I can't work out my hourly, or know quite simply how many hours I played this month. It was above average that's for sure but counted big time with more effective kickback from RTR. The 55% figure is correct though. Absolutely awesome value from them, click the link top right if you're silly enough not to have an account with RakeTheRake yet.

So without doubt the most consistently focused I've been, playing sensible and dedicated hours, with a positive and controlled mindset, sees my best ever monetary results. Spot the trend?

I shall be referring to this post in future should I ever to rekindle levels of concentration and general outlook. Here's to more of the same in February! Good luck all :-)


Jackal23 said...

very nice, if I come back to laddies does that mean you have a huge roll to donate? HU for rollz?

Brenos said...

Snap accept fish ;-)

Jackal23 said...

all in blind NL2000? (aslong as your to act first?)

Brenos said...

Sure why not. Seems legit

Poker play the Soap way said...


オテモヤン said...
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James said...

Sounds like you are having a bit of a 'mare with Vista - I just got Windows7 and so far so good - although bit concerned there will be some massive security flaw detected soon!
Your January P&L is not bad - wish mine was as healthy...