Sunday, 28 February 2010

February P&L

Disappointing last week to a very good February. So close to being great, nvm.

NLHE 6max £1,100
NLHE HU £300
43k Hands

MTTs £3,100

Staking -£500

Rakeback £984
RTR Bonus £922

Live MTT -£19

Total: £5,887

Included number of hands played which I didn't for Jan. I forget but it'll have been around 70k, which means that this month wasn't good enough in that respect. I know I've slacked a bit this month. Also figs above are assuming I hang onto 3rd in RTR RR for $1,250. I'm hoping I do, I was $1k clear of 4th at last update.

Was great to have a MTT win, really takes the pressure off. I also put that down to a huge loss at staking, I head first dived into the deep end there.

Next month I really want to up the volume on the cash. I also plan to play as many Mini FTOPs as time/plans allow, and find good value tournaments to run alongside the usual cash tables. Good luck all :-)


Poker play the Soap way said...

well done m8 you pwned the multi also

Daniel Trett said...

well done mate, nice month