Sunday, 28 February 2010

February P&L

Disappointing last week to a very good February. So close to being great, nvm.

NLHE 6max £1,100
NLHE HU £300
43k Hands

MTTs £3,100

Staking -£500

Rakeback £984
RTR Bonus £922

Live MTT -£19

Total: £5,887

Included number of hands played which I didn't for Jan. I forget but it'll have been around 70k, which means that this month wasn't good enough in that respect. I know I've slacked a bit this month. Also figs above are assuming I hang onto 3rd in RTR RR for $1,250. I'm hoping I do, I was $1k clear of 4th at last update.

Was great to have a MTT win, really takes the pressure off. I also put that down to a huge loss at staking, I head first dived into the deep end there.

Next month I really want to up the volume on the cash. I also plan to play as many Mini FTOPs as time/plans allow, and find good value tournaments to run alongside the usual cash tables. Good luck all :-)

Saturday, 27 February 2010

This week has been shit

I'm done for Feb now. Was going to play a lot today and tomorrow as worthwhile plugging on for a few extra points in both the Laddies and RTR rake races, but poker can fuck off for a couple of days.

I've consistently lost this week at a reasonable clip, putting my bb/100 for the month down to a paltry 3bb. Annoying after crushing for three weeks for Feb to end this badly. I have been on the wrong side of coolers for 10k hands and a short 1k session today really took the biscuit for -£600. Two years ago I'd have smashed something up good and proper. I'm not posting any hands though because even in a tiltrage state of mind I realise that they're not interesting and no one gives a fuck.

Still despite now feeling like shit I can't complain too much. I should still post a £5.5k month in February. If I'd somehow managed to break even this week that would have been over £7k. Still let's bank the £5k and get ready to kick the shit out of everyone next month!

Installed the new HEM update today. Pretty amazing update giving $/£/€ options which has been a long long time coming. Great for me playing on Prima obviously. I've also never really used the Rakeback + Bonus options in the HEM graphing functions. They look decent and I'm going to stay well on top of things in HEM next month as now with the currency fix is nearing a complete solution for me.

Right, have a good weekend everyone :-) FU poker!

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Swongs they be one thing

Had a pretty ridiculous few days. Minus £1.5k on Friday, and +£1k today. Was well down at one point today also...

Which thankfully rescues the month a bit after a very grim Friday night session...

Think I'm going to have to be stricter on myself about where I play. True I can take my laptop and have my HEM database, but I have a pretty sweet setup at home and am mega comfortable playing in my room. It's easy to pass blame on the smallest little thing, but +EV surroundings can't harm. Ignoring the environment that session was pretty sick anyway. I flopped top set 4 (four) times and lost every one, to regs wanting to get flush or straight draws in on the flop and bink it off. Those were deep too and well over half of my losses. Final hand of the night I am ~200bb deep with a complete 74/54 spazztard. I flop a set of 2s in a 3b pot on A2x, and he check/shoves my 12 euro cbet for 200 euros, with AA. Which is awesome because I have the only hand that can pay him off. Wp, log off, nn.

Anyway made good strides to recovering that with £300 yesterday and £1k today (graphs are effectively in €) and am pushing on for another great month. I want to win more in poker winnings than last month. I won't be able to rake as much but fingers crossed I can eclipse last months cash figures, then add onto that the €3.8k tourney score and it's happy days!

Good luck all in final week of Feb push :-)

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Look how manly I am!!

How you feeling Ben? ;-)

Yeah but seriously, it doesn't mean much. I've just quite radically changed my style again after some reading, thinking and work in HEM and I've been pwning left right and centre. Also this is so much fun to play! I was running reasonably bad at showdown but I guess it soon catches up, and it's great when you get a run going.

I delved into the world of staking on Sunday, wanting to make a nice gesture to people from the NPF who bought a % of me for the UKIPT which I was unable to play. I was in a great mood and offered ridiculously generous terms in a huge -EV move for myself, but like I say was in a brilliant frame of mind and "had a feeling" a big score could be binked off. Wrong. GG £500. I staked 8 players into FTOPS#8 and unfortunately only one min-cash and a few bounties were collected. Nevermind actually had a really enjoyable night railing.

If it wasn't for that little venture I'd be well over £5k up for the month, as it stands I'm just under. In fact it'll be over after rakeback etc. After my piss poor effort for first half of Feb I'm going to hammer away and log some hands. I'd be stupid not too when playing/things going this well. Top of the rake race at present but no way that will stand as there's a few MSNL regs and shortstackers who are sure to pull away. Top five hopefully though.

Good luck all :-)

Saturday, 13 February 2010


Unable to play the UKIPT I stayed in and played online. Pretty glad I did. Ship the €10k GTD for £3,200 :-)))

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

February ticking over

Have barely played so far in February, just managing to get 6.5k hands in. Thirteen of those hands were at NL400 where I saw a huge donk sat, from whom I managed to take $600 off. That's a big reason as to why I'm £900 up at the moment, as my volume has been crap. I plan to log as many hands as possible today and tomorrow before I choo choo down to Manchester for the UKIPT £550 Main Event.

Have sold some shares in my tournament already, but may increase the % I'm willing to ship out. Leave a comment or email me if you know me and want to buy a stake. Same terms as in the link above.

Will give a proper statto update once I get >10k hands in. Good luck all :-)

Monday, 1 February 2010

January P&L

Unfortunately this isn't as detailed as I'd have liked due to my database corrupting yesterday, but thanks to my Excel spreadsheet my P&L figures are - for once - very precise:

Poker winnings: £1,682
Rakeback: £1,080
RTR Bonus: £1,000 est

Total: £3,762

I was all set for a proper breakdown of HU, 6max, PLO, SnGs, and MTTs play, but alas I can't. I can remember roughly though that poker profit was made up of approx:

6max NL50: £50
HU NL50: £100
6max NL100: £950
HU NL100: £400
6max NL200: £250
6max PLO50: -£68

I didn't play any SnGs, and I think one MTT freeroll where I didn't cash. Also the RTR bonus is estimated as they are always a few days late with their figures, but should be reasonably accurate.

Also FYI, approx 55% rakeback this month. Big drawback of me losing my DB is that I can't work out my hourly, or know quite simply how many hours I played this month. It was above average that's for sure but counted big time with more effective kickback from RTR. The 55% figure is correct though. Absolutely awesome value from them, click the link top right if you're silly enough not to have an account with RakeTheRake yet.

So without doubt the most consistently focused I've been, playing sensible and dedicated hours, with a positive and controlled mindset, sees my best ever monetary results. Spot the trend?

I shall be referring to this post in future should I ever to rekindle levels of concentration and general outlook. Here's to more of the same in February! Good luck all :-)