Friday, 29 January 2010


As a side to my usual games I've been playing a bit of Rush Poker over on Full Tilt. I hope you know what it is by now, cos I'm not explaining. Anyway it's absolutely tons of fun to play. My biggest downfall at the tables is image, and this almost totally eradicates it from all but the sharpest of note takers. The HEM HUD can't keep up with the action!

Anyway played a little more tonight, ran up a few buyins and decided to check my stats for the month on Full Tilt. I was pleasantly surprised!

Some days I've totally nitted it up, some days I've gone crazy and bet/3bet every flop. Really is tons of fun and hopefully I can keep plugging and build a reasonable secondary BR. I'm at $625 from $150 so a great start!

Have confirmed today that I'm going down to the Pokerstars UKIPT Manchester with Soap on the second weekend in February. Looking forward to this as the buyins are pretty much spot on for me. Big enough to warrant my A game, whilst not too big to be playing wary. I won't be playing the Main Event, but probably every side event. Might try and drum up some staking for the £300 game, am undecided how much I want to put in play. We'll see anyway.

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