Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Running good whilst running bad


So yeah I totally crushed today running waaay above expectation. Guess I'm not allowed to whinge about -EV if I don't accurately balance my blog posting range ;-)

The running bad bit is unfortunately pretty bad though. I was sat on 6 of 8 Bad Beat Jackpot tables, and yes you already know what's coming. It was dropped on one of the other two tables. Pretty gutting to see the BBJ counter drop from $240k to $40k in the space of a few seconds, and know that you would have been $6k better off had you even been dealt into the hand :-(((((

But...after a squiffy week of downswing, lesser focus and tons of socialising (which kind of run into each other) I've got my month back on track to being a monster, with a nice $500 day yesterday too.

Outside of poker I had my first gym session of 2010 yesterday. Ouch I'm feeling it today. Also not told you about my knee for a while, it feels good after a long break. Will be hitting the bike again soon and testing it out in the gym, as I want to get fitttttt again by summer. Extra Ts for emphasis! I ordered that HDC HD2 phone too, which looks pretty awesome. It's a bit of a monster but runs Windows so I can sync my whole Outlook as well as some important Office documents, so I should be super organised. This will replaced my ageing iPhone, so unfortunately I won't know where I am anymore, but will know what the weather's like outside ;-)

Good luck all in your last push for January :-)