Sunday, 10 January 2010

Good volume, results improving

Have played a little under 20k hands in Jan, and I didn't start playing till the 4th :-)

Also these past couple of days I've only been 4-6 tabling and really concentrating on my poker. Saying that there were a few hours of sessions where I felt I was wandering slightly and playing bad poker. Wanting to push things too hard to generate action. Today was a good example of this. I had an airey fairey session this afternoon, I ran bad, had to fold a couple of times where I didn't want to, and then start pushing things way too hard. This is tilt and I must start to recognise this sooner. Anyway thankfully I quit, got some food, got my head on straight and boom...


In general life stuff I feel like a proper hermit. With the amount of poker I play I guess you would think thats normal, but for me it really isn't. I do an awful lot of travelling day-to-day, but my car hasn't moved all week. I walked into town to do some shopping yesterday, and I dug the car out and cleared the drive today. Bloody hard work that was! It has promptly snowed heavily again which in the space of 20 minutes, totally shit all over my two hours hard graft. WP weather, gg.

Been cutting down on the food too. I'm sure I ate more in two days over Christmas than I have all this week! Am in a constant state of hunger but really must get my portions under control before I do a David Benyamine. Also, Man Utd are shit. I feel really down about the team. But, when you consider we have no defence, have been playing worse than a Championship side in the last 10 games, yet are still somehow 2nd... I guess I should take the positive and run with it.

Also if you've not seen it already, this image is amazing. Click for big...


Jackal23 said...

Was watching u a bit earlier on laddies where you were dominating a few tables, over $350 stack on a NL50 table. Quality stuff!

Great volume, maybe u should have a volume bet with holmes to get him going too!

BH said...

That's one bet I'm never going to take on - besides - we all know who wins the race out of the tortoise and the hare..... and we all know my legendary pace makes me a shoe in for the tortoise role!

Good grinding though mate, awesome win rate in last 2k hands there. Looking forward to seeing you back on NL100 soon - just stay off my tables!