Friday, 31 December 2010

December and 2010 wrap up

December - awesome
2010 - EPIC

Played a decent volume last few days to put December at £2.2k including rakeback and bonus. Well I say December, more like a week and half of proper graft, working out at a very healthy £60 per hour on 20 winning sessions out of 23.

The share portfolio rallied late today after a poor post Xmas period, with the major holding XEL finishing 2010 at 383.5p - a nice ~420% from the 70p I first bought at.

2010 has been a very successful year for me, not just financially but on a greater whole, soul-fulfilling way too. I'm not in the mood for a waffle (see my January posts this year for that kind of stuff!) but the frame of mind I started to distill at that time has grown and developed with good application this year, and I feel great going into 2011. I am very excited about what the next year will hold, and the short term next five years in general. This promises to be a life forming time and I can't wait to see what the future brings and how I can hopefully continue to have a positive assertion.

I hope you can look back on 2010 with half a big a smile as I can, and I wish you all the very best for 2011 - make it happen!

Happy New Year everyone :-)

Friday, 24 December 2010

December coming to an end...

I've not done what I set out to do in my last post - have only just finished my first session since the last graph. Thankfully it was a nice winning session of £400+ back at NL100. So Dec is looking good despite poor volume. Work has been pretty manic, a fairly busy social schedule and then all the Christmas rigmarole I was being a tad overly optimistic!

I hope to be able to play a fair bit before New Years as I've still got a bit of bonus left to clear and I'd really like to end the year on a high. Not that it isn't already. XEL shares have made me a shit load more money, with some more nice gains across the rest of the portfolio too. This should continue into the new year as nearly all my companies have been seriously delayed with the harsh winter in northern Europe. Passive income feels so good, I really envy people who can live off it. Hopefully 2011 will see some big strides towards it!

Anyway I hope to log ~15k more hands in Dec, clear the rest of my bonus, bank a £2k poker month to take into the new year and set out some new plans.

I didn't do any poker achievement aims for the year, more just a general approach and mindset, which overall I feel has been excellent. Yes I've slipped here and there, but this has been the most consistently focused I've been and it's been by far my most successful year. Yes a £28k score helps, but even discounting that 2010 has been great. I had two months where I logged a minor loss, one of which where I barely played. Totting up poker has amounted to ~£46k for 2010 not counting December yet, and would be £18k tax free without the EPO score. Share dealing has been absolutely ridiculous run good since my first purchase in July and I'm currently holding £20k in profit.

Writing all that down makes me wonder where it's all gone. That is an awesome year! I think a few £thousand has gone on developing my new physique for sure! Feels good to have bought a flat and have something solid (which again should hopefully grow) as all my cash is floating around in cyberspace and is just a number on a screen! When that extra digit appeared on my ISA balance though that certainly felt good! Roll on the next one... :-)

Anyway hope you all have a great Christmas, I'm going to enjoy some family time and get fat(ter)! Wishing you and yours all the best :-)

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Rush Week roundup

Grinded the NL50 RUSH tables this week for the FTP Rush Week promo. Graph above includes $500 Black Card bonus and the $250 for getting 1k points per day in the week. So all in all a pretty profitable week at NL50 - over £50 per hour - good job too as I am really poker-skint at the moment.

As you can see...cliffs from the graph: I WILL MAKE YOU FOLD!

I decided to make some very general observations and create a gameplan from there. Basically, RUSH was a nitfest this week. So I should be able to define ranges well, and the vast majority of the time you miss anyway. So phrase for the week was 'bombs away' and I tried to win every pot. Will definitely have to tone this down when I move back up.

Didn't include the EV line as was too much clutter, but it was $10 under the winnings line. So I ran average, which is a good job as playing as aggressive as I did could easily have been messy. I'll take average!

The bit around 21-24k hands looks like I forgot how to play poker. Well basically, I did. That was me playing on Saturday after a house party at mine on Friday night. I left playing really late and had to grind for a few hours outside of happy hour, which seemed like a lifetime with a sore head. Job done though and I didn't bleed too heavily. Started off on a big loss today but managed to claw back a win and round up the week nicely.

I've seen a few people 12 tabling RUSH and as I only play 4, this is quite intriguing. Will have a play with Tableninja and see what I can get going, afterall I've paid for the full version which I'm not using atm.

Will have a couple of days away from the tables now I think, but still hoping to post 70k+ hands for December, definitely going to put a good shift in. Can't wait for the market to open in the morning, weekends are boring!

Good luck all :-)

Monday, 22 November 2010

Oh hai blog!

Yeah so I've not blogged in what seems like an age. What's worse is that the front page of this thing has had some kind of weird X Factor gay homage post doing my online rep the world of good. Anyway...

I've moved into my new flat, kitted it out and finally got proper internet in a couple of weeks ago. Loving 3D PS3 action!

I was quick to want to play poker having had such a break, and I made a bad decision. My desk wasn't finished, I wasn't properly comfortable and I played the three nights of the week where I had work and was more tired than normal. I still continued to play three nights after big losing sessions each time. GG £1k. I also ran -£800 in EV but that's not the point here, I made a bad decision and I'm mad at myself.

So have imposed another break and shan't be playing till I've finished work for the week, and even then I'll probably wait till Friday.

Haven't missed poker that much to be honest, I've been so absorbed in other things. The whole moving process is pretty labour intensive I must say, and I've still got my previous address to fall back on so it's a phoney move really. Fuck knows how long it'd take me to sort out a proper one. My flat came fully furnished but fucking hell you still have to buy an absolute ton of shit for it, and then everyday you realise you still need to get that one thing...I am 99% sorted now though, with just some shelves to go up and a couple of doors to sort. That'll be done at the weekend.

Share dealing has been taking up the majority of my leisure time, and get this, has an outside chance of becoming my biggest earner for the year behind poker. That is such a pleasing statement to be able to make after the success I've had.

Bet none of you still bought XEL after another tip on here, it's at £2.50 now from it's last tip at £1.12 and ~300% up from my first tip in August. Granted that's slightly above the norm, but hey ;-) My RRL tip would have also netted you a slightly disappointing 10%, but still better than any savings account! Next tip for free money would be BEM. I'll post back again when it's ~40% up before Christmas and maybe then you'll start listening ;-)

My whole portfolio had a nightmare today too, with some delays causing a small loss on a couple, and across the board poor performance anyway what with the Euro being a bag of shite. Pretty happy with who I'm invested in though, it pays to be well researched, quite literally. Here's to a promising end to November and kick on into December. Just hope I can break even at poker this month...

Good luck all :-)

Monday, 18 October 2010

Unlucky imo

Hard lines Ben (left) on his group's exit from The X Factor last night. Always next year.

Friday, 15 October 2010

Mid Oct

Pretty pleasing graph. Unfortunately doesn't include a quick £200 loss on Ben's computer last weekend. I've banked that entire profit and am going to use it as a shot at the live cash games in Newcastle this weekend and into next week. Hopefully I can continue the good runnings! Live poker updates to follow...

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Monday, 4 October 2010

September P&L

Been having a bit of trouble with blogger lately - not able to login and when I can... unable to post or comment?!? Anyway...

As you may already know, September was a blinder. I was about £300 down before the EPO and lost a bit more online after. Not great in that respect, but I don't really care. After paying out backers my month is somewhere in the region of £28.5k - I'll take it!

I've consolidated my online bankroll, sorted out savings, bought some more shares and put some £ aside for a 3D TV and PS3 for my new flat - ready for a good grind in October. Got my Full Tilt Black Card through the post so will give that a month and see how well I'm rewarded. Finally glad to be able to cash in FTP points properly! Haven't played much yet but will be putting in some good hours in the back end of this week.

I've enjoyed being a bit of a Nostradamus on my blog of late. On the 9th September I wrote "Generally I'm a bit of a lucky bastard for whom things tend to work out, so this undersell will most likely result in a final table appearance" regarding the EPO. Before that on the 3rd September I wrote "Tip of the month would be XEL.L. Pretty much guaranteed a profit in September alone" regarding share dealing.

Well as readers will know I finished 5th in the EPO, but what you may not know is that XEL had a ~35% month rising from 72p to 112p share price as I type. It's still got more to go too, I'm expecting another good rise in October pending (hopefully) good results on a new well being drilled in the north sea - which we will see results from in early November. Still time to get in while it's cheap!

A secondary tip for October would be RRL.L who should see a double up pending good results due in the next fortnight - but these are definitely one to watch for the next 18 months or so - they have some absolutely amazing prospects.

Whilst I'm getting predictions right, I may as well punt for Liverpool to go down and Man Utd to win the league, though I think the latter is wishful thinking ;-)

Good luck in October everyone :-)

Thursday, 16 September 2010

EPO 5th Place

Over the course of four days in London I managed to final table the English Poker Open eventually finishing 5th for £40,750.


Traveled down to London on the train, checked into hotel, showered and shirts ironed myself and Ben made our way across Mayfair, past the Palm Beach Casino where I'd be playing the following day, and on towards Movida nightclub. First impressions were pretty ridiculous with the six of the biggest men alive managing the door, and a lingerie model as hostess. Making our way down into the club we were delighted to find it was a completely free bar for the night, which Ben definitely made good use of. After seeing umpteen poker celebs, including Durrr, Kara Scott and Liv Boeree I point out to Ben that that's Mike Sexton over there. "Oh yeah, yeah it is!"

"Mike! Mike! Where's Vince?!? Where's Vince Mike??!"

At this point Mike was getting well into some 18 year old golddigga (yo!) but took it awesomely and was a complete legend chatting and taking the piss with us for a bit. He was obviously completely shit faced but must have seen a twinkle in my eye as he predicted I would final table. Now I'm obviously gutted he didn't predict I'd win it!

The RTR staff did an absolutely superb job on the night, granted mainly because the CEO is borderline alcoholic and complete social magnet, but still they did so well in helping people mingle and meet what little girls there were floating around. As you know we'd have probably all sat in the corner texting. Online poker social retardedness ftl.

After more beer than I'd planned but less than half of what Ben had consumed, we attempted to walk home but ended up at Trafalgar Square and flagging a taxi. Should have done that an hour ago because we were back at the hotel in 5 mins flat nipping through the empty side streets.

Saturday Day 1A:

Was seated with Freddie Deeb and after the first break was moved to the TV table. I had already chipped up a bit but missed out on a huge early chance to double on a technicality. I flopped a set versus the table soft spot and donked out, he threw in a 1k chip aggressively meaning to raise but it was unfortunately correctly ruled as a call. I am then kind of forced to check the turn and couldn't get many chips in the pot. Once moved to the webcast I can't remember but I think I was barely involved at all, maybe stealing a few times and taking a few small pots to stay around average. Actually I've just come back and remembered I 3b right before the dinner break OOP to tournament chip leader. I cbet an Axx flop and check folded the turn. I had QQ and just didn't want to do anything marginal for a hefty proportion of my chips versus someone who can afford it. Towards the end of the day I'd been getting floated behind quite a lot by Freddie, and when he did it again in a 3b pots I twice maneuvered for ~80% of his stack. After this he played quite frankly horrible poker, limp folding 4bbs and other things that may be justifiable only in a 50k HORSE champions mind. Finished the day right around average.

Day off Sunday:

Slept in. Went to the Science Museum, which is totally awesome and I could easily spend a week on each floor. So much knowledge to soak up and some superb exhibits. Feet were knackered by tea time so sacked off more sightseeing and just ate and moped around rest of the day.

Day 2 Monday:

Some ridiculous seat moving from other tables saw me sandwiched inbetween horrible spots for pretty much the whole day. Was gradually chipped away down to around 8bbs with Fabian Quoss impressing me early on day 2 with some great poker but even more so seriously impressive table presence.

I played the TV table for most of the day again, with Liv Boeree but before her I had sat with Brandon Cantu and Sebastien Krul. After I'd moved to the TV table the two of them played a huuuuge pot for ~20% of chips in play with AA vs KK, Sebastien making a straight I think with KK, though my information could be wrong here. 

News was also filtering back to me that some "mates" had been emailing in a load of dirt about me to the webcast. Like tons of stupid nicknames, my car being shite (true) and some that I have no idea about - I have never been afraid of spiders and as far as I can recall never sick down the side of a chair! It seems I amassed a great following though so thanks to all my mates (and their mates) for watching. Also a huge special mention to the NPF for a great rail and support throughout, and a very special "fuck you" "thank you" to TeamDobb for posting 'that' photo!

Then in the final two hours I went on a mini heater shoving AJ but finding QQ behind, but I make a  four flush on the river to stay in it. The bubble bursts shortly afterwards in no time at all really. Soon after I'm getting AK in preflop twice in super happy spots only to find I was unfortunately racing - but hell that doesn't matter I don't lose races in this tournament! My AK beats 99 and QQ in two spots for some decent chips. Then right at the end of the end of the night I find a near treble up in what turned out to be an awesome spot with JJ vs 42o and TT. I finish the day above average and am clearly quite pleased about it.

Day 3 Tuesday:

After not getting as much sleep as I'd have liked (about 36 hours would have done it) it's final table day. Ideal for some embarrassing press photo poses where I had to stare down the camera in a 'poker face' type moment. Anyone who has played live with me before knows this is not at all my style. When involved in any kind of pot I have a habit of just grinning ridiculously, whether I be bluffing or crushing.

After a few inane early orbits of little activity, suddenly we're down to five players, with myself claiming one scalp. I had a pretty solid bet sizing tell where I deduce he has made it a jillion BBs preflop because he has AK or JJ, and with QQ in the BB I crush this range so I make a small 3b and insta call his jam. Unfortunately it's AK but I've already said I don't lose these spots and a Q is the first flop card. Followed by a brick and then an Ace. Then a Ten on the turn gives my opponent four outs. Despite him still calling out for an Ace on the river I dodge a Jack and have a healthy amount of chips.

Five handed I then play the worst poker I've played the whole week. Fabian and Matt have tons of chips and are playing a huge levelling game between themselves, fully expectant to crush the remaining internet qualifiers. My plan was to just stay out of it, and find a good spot where their sheer amount of chips and perceived table dynamic could work in my favour. I defended a few blinds to Fabian, c/c, c/f once. Then a c/r/f to a flop b3b. This spot was weird because it screamed out very little credit (742hh)  and I was hoping he'd see that as an opposite. He'd never seen me bluff though and I guess I outlevelled myself and then couldn't shove air giving him 7/1 on a call on my biggest final table to date, with all my pals watching - when he has a lot of draws he has to call off with. Hated this hand so much. Shortly after I defend vs Fabian and c/c, c/f again when I miss a gutshot + overs. Shit. An orbit later I 3b squeeze shove from the sb vs Matt open and Fabian button flat and take it down.

Another orbit and I post my BB knowing that Fabian is going to open anything that's folded to him and anything I do will reak of BS. Folded to Fabian and he opens, I look down at 99 in the BB and start dreaming of Vegas and think about how best to progress. I was hoping he would re-shove with a lot of Ax hands as well as smaller pairs perceiving my range to be very bluff heavy. Anyway the whole debacle turned out to be totally standard as he has AK and we just get it in pre. Obviously super happy anyway as I don't lose races in the EPO. An Ace on the turn is a minor blip as I'm sure to hit my 9 on the river. Wait a sec. What's that? I missed? Err don't you keep dealing cards till I hit? I eventually stand up, shake hands and go to the bog to compose myself a bit for post match interviews.

I was immediately grabbed by Grub Smith for the webcast interview which I've not seen and can barely recall, all I know is the adrenaline was rushing around madly and with my voice was breaking up I was struggling to string a decent sentence together. As is evident in the interview I did immediately after that one with Was obviously gutted with how the exit played out and felt a bit "floaty" for the rest of the evening. Got the last train back home and crashed out.

Now that some time has passed and my account shows that the £40k cheque I paid in has entered the clearing process, I can say I am pretty happy about things. My share portfolio also had a 15% day today! Delighted to have done something in a reasonably major tournament, delighted with how I played (barring two hours on the final table) and delighted to be able to give something back to my investors. I sold 28% of myself in this tournament so still a very nice pay day.

A huge heartfelt thanks to the following:

Ben for his support in person down in London.
All my investors showing their support pre-event.
All my mates and family for the kind texts I received and not-so-kind messages to the webcast :-)
The NPF for an awesome virtual rail.
Karim, Glen and Jackie the RTR staff who did an absolute first class job.
All the staff and dealers at Palm Bach Casino, Mayfair. Top job.

Cheers all, still got some sleep to get caught up on....zzzzz

Thursday, 9 September 2010

Bring on the EPO II

Tomorrow I head off to the big smog for the EPO. Staying in the Crowne Plaza St. James which looks amazing and is an easy walk from the casino as well as places of interest for my day off on Sunday. Friday night is the welcome party at Movida Night Club, which to be frank, looks like the most expensive gay bar in the entire world. Hoping it's a total freebie as if not I'll probably need to take my entire bankroll with me to get a round in. I'll be taking it easy investors, no need to frett! Only sold 25% so far so still a few more hours if you want to buy a piece of me, details here. Generally I'm a bit of a lucky bastard for whom things tend to work out, so this undersell will most likely result in a final table appearance ;-) Still feeling great about poker and can't wait for the challenge. Let's gogoogogo!!! One time!!!!! etc etc!!!!!

Friday, 3 September 2010

August wrap up

A bit late in coming, have been pretty busy last week or so. August ended badly running over £2k behind EV at NL200, but I still managed to log a healthy profit of £2.4k + $7k EPO package for the month. I'm selling shares here if you're interested in buying a (marked down) piece.

Confirmed my seat for Day 1A of the £3500+250 Main Event, have booked some swish digs and can't wait to get stuck into this tournament. Feel really good about my game and just can't wait for it really. My tourney record of late has just been deep run after deep run, especially live where I have been crushing the fields whenever I've played. Bring it on!

I've not played yet in September, though I'm probably going to log a good session later tonight. Work has been a bit stressful. I think. It's hard for me to quantify because it's obviously not doctor, nurse or teacher stressful. I've just had to repeat a lot of work I've only recently done as we have now moved the papers to a different printers and are publishing in colour. From a computer production side of things the ramifications of this are massive. You have about 4x as many things to get right, it's not as simple as just "printing in colour". Anyway a couple more weeks and the process should be pretty streamlined and I can have more time to research shares at work.

My new hobby that. Not the "at work" bit though. I'm absolutely loving "actively" saving and purchasing shares in my ISA & SIPP. I've struck gold with one share, that is up ~160% in the two weeks I've held. September is a huge month for my holdings so hopefully I'll include some positive news there in my month end wrap up. Tip of the month would be XEL.L. Pretty much guaranteed a profit in September alone. Looking forward into how this month plays out and planning investments for the next stage.

Good luck in September all :-)

Sunday, 22 August 2010

Love the weekends!

Ship the £1k day on the RUSH tables. Pushing the month towards the "totally awesome" category :-)

Shame no super lie in come the morning, will try to stay positive about work but it's proving harder and harder lately!

Saturday, 21 August 2010

Bring on the EPO

Last weekend I won a $7k EPO package through raketherake on Ladbrokes. Absolutely delighted and can't wait to play in the event. Casino looks amazing, class location and great structure where I'm sure all the big names will be playing. I can't really justify the $5k+ buy in though so I'm looking to sell 50% of myself. There is a thread over on the NPF here where you can post if you're interested, or you could leave me a message here.

Had a busy week at work this week so haven't played online at all really. I got drunk for my 27th (eek!) birthday on Wednesday night with the pool team and again last night with the football lads at a home poker night where I was a huge donator. Ben luckboxed the massive pot catching up on some run-good.

I played 45 minutes in goal today and it's hard to put into words how bad I am at football now. I just have no ability. I thought at least I'd be able to kick and catch OK, but no. Complete retardation. We somehow drew 3-3 after being 3-1 down after 85 minutes, so I guess we'll take that!

Will do a bit more socialising tonight before some more EPO satellites tomorrow. Good luck all :-)

Friday, 13 August 2010

I wish I could run at expectation...

Good continuation

I continued to run good for a day after the last post and managed to rack up over 1.5k in winnings for August. Since then it's been pretty crap, but I can't grumble. Here's a graph...

So I've effectively broken even for a few days, not bad at all really. Had a couple of really brutal sessions in amongst that, but hey I ran like God for the first 15k hands so musn't grumble (I love Terry Wogan). It's been said that RUSH Poker is one big "cooler machine" and tbh with the style of play of much of the regulars it's hard not to agree. What the game needs it for 3/6+ tables to open up and the better higher stakes players to be on level 27 versus each other a few times, the HHs to get on 2+2 and everyone will go on a spew mission again. On the contrary, this is very interesting reading. It's a long post by Citizenwind who is a CR pro. I don't especially like his teaching style (or Veneers - who is an absolutely terrible coach imo), but he writes very well and talks a lot of sense here. If you're in anyway serious about poker, read it.

Outside of poker, work is going OK, nothing really to write about there. Lifestyle wise I am in an all time state of fatness, and this is being addressed. I've been doing tons of financial reading lately, having ventured into the stock market and seriously looking at savings, pensions and general planning for the future stuff. On the computer front I now have a BSh Degree in Excel 2007 from the University of Illegal Torrent Downloads. Combining these recent learnings, I have created a finances sheet that is so advanced, I am sure will form the beginnings of Skynet, signaling the end for all mankind. Pretty colours too.

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Great start

Played first session in August today, 4k hands for $800 and a nice start to my birthday month. This was at NL$100 RUSH and from first impressions I'd say the skill difference in between NL25-NL100 is the smallest I've seen of any site. Still loving poker and enjoying work, who needs exercise?!? Off camping tomorrow where I am going to build an awesome fire and hopefully cook something I catch fishing. Have a good weekend all :-)

All together when you're winning, you only blog when you're winning!

Sunday, 1 August 2010

July wrap up

July has been a resounding success for me. Some nice profit at poker, some shrewd investment in stocks, a nice short golfing holiday break (help me, help you) and a large amount of satisfaction from work. Definitely one of my most rounded months in a while.

I've figured out what it is too. Positive feedback. You get none of this being a poker pro, in fact usually a large amount to the contrary (especially if you bet KK into trup QQ). Plugging away getting nothing but negative feedback is not good for the human psyche. Anyway seems like I'm making a difference at work and have enjoyed the learning process along the way. I've worked pretty hard in the last few weeks as it's big changes from next week - of which I'm shouldering a lot of responsibility - so fingers crossed things go smoothly.

Pokerwise I've been crushing RUSH all month, that being largely responsible for a nice £1.3k profit, with a few deep tourney scores tonight and only a few hands on Laddies. Not sure how long that'll continue, roll almost entirely withdrawn there - just left enough in for me to play some regular weekend tournies. I'm still yet to win the €100k Sunday rebuy. At least I hope it's still that. I played the Saturday equivalent today, which used to be €50r €50k GTD, but was a quite pitiful €25r €20k GTD this evening :-( I came 14th for ~€100 profit, then 26th in the 2nd chance €10k GTD for small profit, and a deep run 14/~1600 on FT for $50 profit. Nice to have deep runs in tourneys alongside each other, shame things didn't run quite in my favour to be able to convert.

Whilst I've been working hard and playing RUSH on Full Tilt, I've been busy funneling money out of my other accounts and into shares. I'm in two oil companies, one very young long-term prospect, and another more established company who look good in the mid-term. Researching your market and keeping track on share prices is great fun and really engaging. Also can be pretty damn profitable! I've made more than double the interest my ISA has made this whole tax year, in just a couple of weeks, for a third of the consideration. So I've put the forms through to put all my savings in the one broker, where I can still keep my ISA wrapper and also set up a SIPP (pension), I've a few mates the wrong side of 30 now, makes me remember to plan for the future!

Two negatives to come out of this month:
1) My exhaust fell off my shit heap of a car and I had to fork out £250 for all three pipes to be replaced. After the depreciation of the new exhaust, my car is now worth about £200.
2) I'm proper fat.

The rest, pretty damn good! Best of luck all :-)

Saturday, 17 July 2010

Stuff I've been doing

Not blogging for a start.

As you know, I've started a part time job since coming back from my hols. That's been taking up a lot of my time but for good reasons. I've done a fair bit of overtime (both paid and unpaid!) from my scheduled 2 days a week. I'm migrating the systems to Adobe CS5, learning how to use InDesign and Illustrator to an expert standard, and creating new templates and layouts for the newspapers. I've really enjoyed doing this mainly because InDesign (and the whole of CS5 for that matter) is so powerful and a joy to be able to use well. I can't understand how some people still "hate computers", if you're reading this now... they sure make your life easier! Anyway it's a parallel run next week then we make the switch the week after, so my life will be a lot easier after that. More time for other things...

Like golf. I watched a bit of The Open today (I'm not an avid golf fan by any means) and LOL at that wind and people putting from 50+ yards. One guy made an immense - what must have been nearly 100 yard - putt from a members tee spot back onto the adjacent green and straight in. Bosh! Dunno his name though :-/

I'm going to Edinburgh with the lads for a weekend of being drunk and hungover with some golf in between at the end of the month. Something about a triangle too. I've had a couple of golf lessons at my local course from the club pro in the last two weeks. I can hit the ball but I'm pretty shit at golf. I've got a good base ability at sports so I kind of adapted my cricket teachings and developed a swing that would allow me to hit the ball as hard as possible in a general forwards and up direction. Turns out this wasn't that bad but with an hour of professional correction my new 'pro' swing is coming along nicely, still feels slightly alien but it'll come. I've hit the ball in the nets and when I connect it bloody flies. Looking forward to another couple of lessons before we head off. I want to hit some balls properly as I've only done net sessions in the two lessons I've had. Hopefully some driving too. I've never been on a range and have only hit a driver messing around. I am (was) terrible at it, hopefully I'll be somewhat improved and would love to be able to hit a ball 200+ yards away in Edingburgh... straight into the car park and smash Azz's windscreen whilst he's asleep in his car.

So I'm learning golf and CS5 so my mind has been quite engaged of late. It's not really the same for poker anymore. There's been no "a ha" moments for ages now. I've been playing a lot of RUSH lately and there's some interesting dynamics to that, so maybe I'll get one soon. I've also been playing some Colin McRae Rally on the PC and plugged in the joypad for it. I wondered if Tableninja would pick it up and unfortunately it didn't, until I googled and downloaded an awesome piece of software called Xpadder. Only a tenner for a real clever piece of kit.

So with basically no eye movement (stacked tables) and buttons covering all my betting options, I'm suddenly 12 tabling RUSH poker. That's INSANE! I reckon with this setup I could 16 table Full Tilt and 24 table Stars full ring 9 seaters (40 tables total) all at the same time. Not ideal, but doable. I found myself getting a bit frustrated - I put this down to getting used to the new setup - but I really shouldn't be. I've just bought the new Logitech Performance MX mouse too and this would more or less nullify that purchase. I broke even after finding myself wanting to call and see flops far too much. Button clicking is so easy and when the table moves behind a stack it doesn't quite register as hard that you're making mistakes. You miss so much gameflow too and stat reading goes out the window after 15 minutes.

I had my tea and reverted back to the normal mouse setup, and just 4 tables. Totally crushed it for 11 buyins and £500 for the day. So now I have nearly my 'standard' bankroll back online after it became depleted before hols and my extended break. A lot of that is in Full Tilt and I shan't be moving it anytime soon. The RUSH games are so good, especially this week with the promo. I've just checked my stats and am surprised at what I've seen. I'm at £1k for the month, having barely played in my eyes, but I've played 42k hands... that's almost a standard month of volume (3 months Ben) in just 8 days of play this month (and some of those very short sessions). Rakeback is shit on Ladbrokes now too so there might be something to this 'big site' mentality.

Unsure of my plans for the weekend, might just stay put and hammer RUSH while the promo is still running and the games are so good. Enjoy your weekend and stop by 27bslash6for a read, really funny stuff, it's been plugged a lot lately, but wanted to post my approval :-) I made the mistake of reading on my lunch at work and couldn't stop giggling for ages at a time! :-)

Thursday, 24 June 2010

First poker in yonks

Hello friends, not played poker in aaaages, and hence not blogged in forever too. As you can surmise from my previous few posts, I'd been having a bit of a torrid time at the tables. Good news is that I now feel absolutely amazing. I had an awesome relaxing holiday in the Caribbean where I was able to completely reboot. It's pretty obvious I needed it, because on reading back I don't come across too well in my last few blogs! Words cannot describe how much I just love lying in the sun all day, reading and going for an occasional dip in the pool/sea. The rum is good too. I'll let a few pics do my talking...

All taken with my Panasonic TZ65, which is a great camera and can be had for £150 now.

I mentioned I'd play some poker out there if the games were good. Well they were, really really good. Unfortunately only at 1/2 but even so the mood never gripped me into wanting to play much at all anyway. I did play for a few hours total, once ran up a reasonable profit of just over a Benjamin between three of us, then left to enjoy the entertainment and pina coladas. Later in the week I then played again on my own when I had some dollars and not pesos on me, and promptly lose QQ vs TT preflop. Between those few hours live, and maybe 45 minutes online that's all the poker I've played in a month.

I've also started a part time job since returning, working two and half days a week (on average) for a local newspaper office. I've completed my first "week" today, which was a bit of a learning process really and I don't feel like I'm the whizz I thought I'd be just yet. Reasonably enjoyable though. Was weird not being able to just piss off with mates to go watch the England game come lunchtime - I had to slog on till 2pm :-p It's a nice and relaxed place.

Been looking forward in last few days to attacking poker online, mainly because I know I feel fresh from such an extended break, and I know I've got my approach right again. I'm attempting to nit it up a bit and I took my first steps tonight playing Full Ring Rush on my short roll at Full Tilt. It's not so short now. I shipped just shy of eleven buyins, only at NL25, but hey I'll take it. Nice to eclipse my weekly wage in two hours on just the micro tables :-)

Going to get an awesome amount of sleep (damn 9-5 is hard!) and put the next part of my poker plan into action tomorrow. Good luck all :-)

Sunday, 30 May 2010

In need of a serious change of luck

Everything I've played in the last three weeks or so has been horrible. I run awful at NL50 for a week and a bit. I play some micro PLO and run twenty buyins below EV in three hours. Ordinarily I think I'd be bust had I not had such an awesome start to the year and been an insane volume monkey. I've had a few extended breaks in between the losses, and over the weekend I have played some tournaments.

I final tabled bubbled the $42k on Full Tilt (although pool topped $60k) taking 11th for ~$500 which was my "best result" of about 15 tournies. I am incredibly sad but not at all downhearted as I have been pretty much shafted in every entry. In that same tournament I lost AQ vs A2 and AJ vs A7 then shove 99 into KT and gg, $12k up top.

What I am most miffed about is the €50r on Laddies. I've played it a total of six times I think, twice again this weekend on the Sat and Sun. Every single time I have lost overpair vs underpair situations for top ten chips with less than 100 runners left. Every, single, time. Most recently it was QQ vs 99 for a jillion BBs vs Mongo VI. I'm sure my screenname get's me tons of action. I'll win that tourney before the year is out, mark my words!

Last tourney of the day was the €4k on Laddies. I'm 1st-7th from about 40 players left right down to the final table. Second hand in, UTG limps, I check T8 in the bb. Flop T83, we get it all in, him JJ, runs out 9,7 and gg you really played that well. Tenth for £50. Seriously FU. The money on the final table was pish anyway but I really should have been taking down the €1.3k.

Anyway I have a much needed huuuuge awesome break ahead of me, a fortnight all inclusive 5* resort holiday in the Caribbean. Fuck yeah! This could not have come at a better time. I'm taking my laptop but I doubt I'll play any online poker at all. There are two casinos on site and there'll hopefully be some decent games going. Not that I'm going there for that at all. This is undoubtedly a R&R holiday, but hopefully the sun will do me some good and I can maybe bring in some $ while I'm out there.

Finally if you've read this far you may wish to leave an empty comment making some unfelt remark about an element of my post, just as long as your name links to a gaming website. Well firstly, ask yourself the following questions: Are you satisfied in what you are doing? Is this an effective use of your time? Secondly, don't bother answering, because I'll just delete it.

GG all and happy holidays me! :-)

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Downswing thoughts

In amongst all the crap posted below is a graph, that is legitimately mine. Not had such a good month turn to shit in such a short space of time before. I've always uhm'ed and ah'ed around the idea of an effective stop loss. It's something I've thought that if you are in emotional control of yourself, you shouldn't need. But I'd never sunk twenty buyins playing good poker in one day before. Although I can grasp that it's inside the realms of possibility, I just never thought it would happen. I am 90% happy with my play too, I was playing good solid poker, getting it in more than happy, and just losing all the time. I also took call-call-call lines vs aggro villains and was non-results orientated-ly proved correct each time as they bink off perfect-perfect for >200BBs.

Anyway, the stop loss. I was never sure on how many buyins it should be, as somedays I'll play 36/30 and others 22/18. Somedays I'll four table, others nine. The answer to me now is alarmingly simple, it should be a designated percentage of your bankroll. I lost almost exactly 50% of my BR last Friday, and it will not happen again. It's a bit of a saving grace that I was quite over-rolled at the time. I think 20% is a good amount, at least for me. I tend to have particularly good or bad days either way, and I think 20% is large enough for me to feel yet not be decimated by the loss.

Since Friday I've lost a chunk to my mates at Azz's homegame. After double figure rebuys I lose KK vs T9 vs QJ on 894 flop, 7 turn, T river for big stack Azz to amass 70% chips in play and go on to take it down. I won the second game but wasn't for much and only supplemented the losses. Stayed awake for the boxing (kind of) and then had a lazy-ish few days at home. Lazy as in no poker, but tons of training. I'm getting good at running again.

Knee Update: My knee hurts for the first 5 minutes running. I've got a warm-up routine sorted that helps, once I'm warm it feels 100% OK, but that five minutes is like Chinese torture. Obviously this is concerning so I'm going to get some appointments sorted for when I get back from my hols. Sunday night I ran off my hangover completing over 7 miles for the first time in about 2 years. It was reasonably warm and started raining too, and I'm sure any runners will agree, this is just so awesome. I felt amazing and prob would have done another lap or two if it wasn't pitch black! This was in my footy boots on grass doing some laps of a few local fields.

I donned the proper running trainers today and set off on the road to do a proper circuit and not be bored by the same scenery over and over again. Mistake. Blistered to fuck after three miles and despite trying all sorts of sock witchcraft, had to walk back. Bike for a few days now and being bored again, sigh.

Poker wise, I've also hit the ground running. Back to NL50 for a bit, I've totally crushed winning over ten buyins in a couple of days and around 6k hands. Despite obviously losing here and there, I feel like playing at that level is almost like printing money, I've just got it sussed. Still slightly down on the month not counting rb and bonus. Hopefully I can continue the grind, but not tomorrow as I'm off to Alton Towers with a big group of mates who've all had the day booked off for ages. All I have to do is get up at 6am, sounds pretty simple but it's not going to be...

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Oh Dear

Press play and scroll down...

So yeah, back to the drawing board.


Thursday, 13 May 2010


My volume has been nothing this month compared with the long hours, mass-tabling approach I've taken for the year-to-date. I've mainly 6 tabled, sometimes 8 whilst swapping out poorer tables. I've rarely played over two hours stints, whereas previously that has been the minimum qualification for "a session". This has resulted in:

I'm hoping I can keep it up. The approach I mean. I know I'm not going to win every session this month. The thing is, as soon as I lose a few hundred, I envisage regressing back into "grind mode" and immediately want to log a shit load of hands. I'm going to seriously try not to. I'm really enjoying the relaxed approach and hope I can keep banking wins in most of my sessions.

You'll notice I've also been playing a bit of FL. This has been for no other reason than "I fancied it". Normally I'd play a bit of HU, but playing FL allows me to do some of my favourite things: steal blinds, play turns & rivers, and generally be a monkey in position. Also playing FL helps you develop that inner peace in dealing with outdraws :-D

Good luck all :-)

Tuesday, 11 May 2010


I have done nothing this week. Nothing.

Went up to Newcastle on Friday night with the idea of hitting the cash tables at Circus with Ben. Wasn't any tables running at ~9.20pm which was surprising at first but once we learned the tourney that evening was a late 9pm KO it made sense. Rather than make the trip to Aspers we decided to play the £15 1r which got ~45 runners. Neither of us were too thrilled about it and saw it as a stop gap for time before the cash tables opened. We'd have to win it to make it totally worthwhile. So, I did.

Nothing really to write home about. Standard was pretty awful all round apart from a handful of capable players. I slowplayed KK early on for a big pot, was double average for most of the tournament then went card dead from about 25 down to 15 players. Won a couple of races JJ>AK and then AK>TT, then made a raise/call w/KJ after a shorties shove and got there vs AK. Only time I won from behind whole tourney. Final table time. I can't really remember what happened. Infact that AK>TT might have been on the FT, or maybe it happened twice. A couple of players were pushing for a deal but once I amassed >average chips I kept quiet. I'd had a few diet cokes and was wide awake.The FT lasted bloody ages though and Ben kept coming over only to see more and more chips in front of me. Poor fella's getting on a bit now and was dropping on his feet. Three left now and they push for a deal again. I have double 2nd place so offer a deal that was quite largely in my favour expecting it to be rejected out of hand. They both snap accept and I guess I'm happy too!

So £300 ftw but £10 for the valets and a 33% share for Ben see that diminish somewhat. Good news however in that Ben has managed to gradually nit away his money on the cash table, then get it in in terrible shape but finding the river for a big pot and a tasty £12 profit.

Coked up to the eyeballs (the legal kind) I can't sleep for another couple of hours, and only manage maybe 3 hours in total. Saturday we go watch the Blackpool game at John's amazing new pad, grab some food then head out on the beers/cocktails. An eventful evening sees us back at John's playing drinking games loving our cousin (and each others') into the light hours again. I somehow stay awake the whole day at Ben's, watching Apocalypto (awesome) and having a late Indian, after probably only 1 hour more sleep.

Monday I slept more or less the whole day. Today I have again slept the vast majority. Haven't felt like poker at all yet and may put off playing tonight. I'll see how I feel after another lie down! The live win at the weekend has added to ~£500 of online profit for a nice start to the month and thankfully little pressure to play, so I've enjoyed the time off. Good news also that after a couple of heavy weekends I've managed not demolish a large pizza at the end of the night, and also not ordered ~£20 worth of takeaway the day after. So the holiday weight loss has continued in the right direction, and to be honest this holiday cannot come soon enough. Really looking forward to it! Roll on! :-)

Thursday, 6 May 2010

An inauspicious start

Have decided to start small this month and have just been grinding NL50 in the hope of getting a good run of results together. I really want to smash it for double figure bb/100. So far I should be, but it's not happening for me at the moment.

I should be taking positives from the graph but I'm really not. Feel a bit burned out to be honest. I played a few WSOP steps on FT this afternoon. I won a few tickets to step 2, but towards the end of the session I thought wtf am I doing multi-tabling $3 STTs?!? I was also registered for a Cruise Step STT all day on Laddies and it never filled :-(

Going for a run in the morning and hopefully this will clear my head a bit and I can concentrate on a good 8+ hours tomorrow and get some momentum going...

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

April P&L

A very poor month comes to an end. I was fully expecting to post a loss but have been pleasantly (in the loosest sense of the word!) surprised...

NLHE Cash: -£1,664
MTTs: None
62k Hands

Staking: £87 (Soap Irish Open)

Rakeback: £1498.88
RTR Bonus: £657
Other Bonus: £173

Total: £752




Very disappointed to post a huge cash game loss
Zero MTTs played
Wishy washy attitude
Played drunk on a few occasions

Two very disappointing month end reports in a row. I am very determined not to make it three.

The blog has been a bit neglected of late. I've had a trip away to Blackpool with the pool lads after our two leagues came to an end. The following week was the two presentation nights for the leagues we've played in (and won both) and last weekend I was in Newcastle for a wedding do. So I've been out and about a bit and drank and ate a whole lot more than I'd liked to. A couple of those nights I've logged on at poker and posted a significant loss. Hard to say how deeply sad I felt with myself after this. I hope this has truly registered now and I can force a rational decision in future.

This month shall be very different. The pool leagues are done so I won't be having very much to drink at all, this will effect both the amount I can play poker, and also the weightloss/fitness regime for my holiday at the start of June. Of which that itself is also a hugely motivating factor to win some $$$ as I'm sure the casinos on complex will be rather soft.

I plan on playing some MTTs this month again, as well as have a pop at WSOP and Cruise Step STTs on FT and Laddies respectively. The BBJ has gone on Laddies so I'll be dropping the tables and concentrating on winrate only and not being a rakeback grinder! My effective rakeback dropped significantly this month with less matched money from RTR, I'll keep an eye on that to see if I need to move my play. Even more motivation to win well this month.

I'm hoping that the increased free time, motivation to eat healthily and get (a lot) fitter, learn Spanish and win a lot of $$$ will lead to a very productive month. Let's googogogogogo!

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

It's all gone pear shaped

Rattled off nearly £1.5k in losses today. Felt there was a few buyins that went in light but nothing too out of the ordinary. I was just beat in a lot of spots where I wasn't expecting to be, and I lost every race.

So rest of month plans are going to be trying to grind out a profit, as I'll definitely be down now. It won't be a lot, but I don't want to work it out either at that will depress me further. I think I will use my small rolls in Full Tilt and Stars to be a tournament pro for 10 days.

Blackpool this weekend with the pool team, I'm going to get completely bungalowed!

Thursday, 15 April 2010


Since the very good day I had last post, I've ran pretty badly in all spots. I have been playing very long sessions as I really wanted to iron the beats out and hopefully make up some of the losses. I always play my longest sessions when I'm losing which I guess is counter productive but I don't feel like I've been in a terrible frame of mind (in the last year at least).

I've lost the vast majority of the 100bb spots lately, and been very unlucky in the cooler situations. I've had Ax flush twice on non-paired boards when villain has had a straight flush - using both his hole cards! Cheers for that!

Anyway last 11k hands I'm £800 behind EV, it was over £1k but I made a short rally and caught a bit up in the last hour. I'm now down to under £500 up for April but one positive I'll take is that my volume has been awesome the last few days which has made up for ~8 days off! I'm at 26k hands so far and hope to make the 70k mark by month end. I was ~£600 away from taking a lesser tabled, more concentrated shot at higher stakes, but the last few days has binned that plan and it's back to the grind.

Could have gone to Alton Towers today but decided against it as it's the school holidays and queuing would have been -EV in every respect. Could have saved myself £800 though!

Monday, 12 April 2010


Had a good day on the tables today, pwning all comers...

Played a small session on Saturday for a reasonable loss, but more than made up for that today. Played all the running limits of the Bad Beat tables on Laddies and thankfully didn't get setup for a loss on the bigger tables. Only managed ~2k hands in two sessions today, but this has only been the third day this month when I've been able to sit down and play two proper sessions.

I've just been so busy. Most of this has been running favours for friends and family. The usual computer stuff as well as building a greenhouse in my dad's allotment. This is the hardest self assembly I've ever done. My dad has a terrible temper and openly admitted that if I wasn't helping he'd have smashed the thing up. Tilt control ftw. I'm still in a bit of pain typing as my fingertips are totally sliced to pieces from the aluminium (spell check is telling me that's wrong, FU America we discovered it). Also this raises the point that it's actually aluminium and perspex, not steel and glass. Cheaper and lighter. We staked it into two foot deep concrete wells, so it shouldn't blow away, but he'll be lucky to get 2 years out of it before the frame and perspex warps and renders it useless. Spending two days more or less inside a greenhouse and going for a huge bike ride yesterday in the glorious sunshine means I have actually caught a wicked tan early in the year. Will try to keep it topped up for my holiday in 7.3 weeks :-)

My arse is killing me from that bike ride. My seat is basically solid metal with a sheet of nylon wrapped around it. Fucking useless. A bit like the rest of the bike really. It was a catalog order when I was a teenager if my memory serves. About £60 of utter crap. We laughed at one of the transfers (!) on it with the model name "Astra" emblazoned in comet-like text. This is funny because co-incidentally my car is an Astra and co-incidentally is also a heap of shite. MOT due this week and it's not going to be pretty! I digress.

The last time I rode that bike was a smidge under 9 years ago! I know this exactly because the last time I rode it I had a pretty ridiculous accident. Read on, I promise to raise a smile. I was 17, and helping down at the cricket ground for some pocket money. I'd ride down for 9am, cut and roll the square and be back home for a late lunch. On the way back one day, I was coming over a single lane hump-back bridge with a busy left turn shortly after it. I'm going straight on though so as I exit the bridge I stand on my pedals and take a look back over my shoulder and see a car just about to enter. He was just going to catch me up for the left turn so I immediately started to gun it but my right foot slipped off the pedal. Cue hilarity.

My superior athleticism (at the time) meant I somehow managed to stay on the bike, but this meant leaning forward and obviously unable to correct this perfectly I smash my bollocks into the centre frame. The handlebars get wedged up into my chest and I look like something out of Benny Hill. I am totally out of control, somehow still on the bike, in lots of pain, and looking very silly. I can't steer and can't find the "barrel-roll to the safety of the footpath" (you know, like in the movies) in time before I smashed into the high kerb of aforementioned left turn.

There is a high kerb there, because there is a house next to the road. A house made of brick. And these bricks are rather distastefully covered in razor sharp pebble dashing. Upon meeting the kerb, I am catapulted over the handlebars. Somehow the physics of the whole thing - approach angle, seating position, speed, trajectory, hilarity factor, future storytelling ability - meant that I went more up in the air rather than my feet flopping over me and me landing on my back. I full on front face-plant into the pebble-dashed brick wall. The left side of my face acts as a superb makeshift brake and I stop moving completely. I pick myself up, a little dazed but more embarrassed than anything else. I feel my face and brush off some of the stones that had stuck into my skin. Cue blood. Lots of it. This is definitely the most I have ever bled, my heart starts to pound which obviously only makes it worse.

I am still half a mile from home. Only way is to get back on the bike and get going. At this point I must mention that I am wearing a white cricket jumper. I can't see out of my left eye and have to keep blowing out the left side of my mouth to clear the blood. After a few hundred yards the left side of my jumper is completely blood red. I remember pulling alongside a car at the next junction and getting a look of absolute horror from the man and wife inside. I gave them a jovial "thumbs up" and mouthed the words "I'm alright" through the window. The rest is a blur until the shriek of horror from my mother as she opened the door quickly sobered me up. I hopped in the shower to clean up, which realised the full extent of my injuries. Three whopping great puncture wounds on my face, and some nasty scrapes on my side and arse, which didn't even register at the time. I look in the bathroom mirror and can see my skull bone through the top cut over my eyebrow. Off to A&E and some metal staples had me right in a few weeks. Still have the scars today and imagine I will have for the rest of my life.

What doesn't kill us...! Surprising that after all that, and it being locked away in a shed for 9 years, that it only needed a bit of WD40 and some air in the tyres and it was ok! Still I'll be buying a padded seat before I go out on it again that's for sure. Highlight of the bike ride was watching a pair of Kingfishers scouting a section of river. Hopefully on another nice day soonish I'll take the camera and fingers crossed get some good snaps.

Hoping to log a good amount of volume this week. Results have been good, I'm up ~£1.3k at the moment, but definitely need to put some grind in. Good luck all :-)

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Busy Busy

Done loads in April so far, and still got loads on for the next week or so. This does not include poker, but fortunately I have managed to win loads when I have found time to play. I'm up just shy of £1k in only two days of play. I've actually ran bad in a few spots too but am feeling really good about poker. Confident enough to be taking some shots in the next few sessions - but it's looking like that won't be in the next few days at least.

I also need to get sat down and work out a plan of attack for FTOPs & SCOOPs. Really want to play a lot of these so I'm going to have to free up some time soonish. Good luck all :-)

Wednesday, 31 March 2010

March P&L

NLHE Cash £346
MTTs £430
65k Hands

Staking -£145

Rakeback £988
RTR Bonus £793
Other bonus £270

Total: £2,682


Good volume
Great application in final 2.5 weeks
£600 behind EV this month


Nowhere near enough actual poker winnings
Only managed a small profit in all MTTs (inc Mini FTOPs)* EDIT: not bad now, had missed >£300 that wasn't tracked
****Absolutely awful application in first week***

Overall I'm very disappointed with March. It's obviously nice to bank over £2.5k, but being non-results oriented, I played terrible in the first week. If I played ~80% as good as I did in the final two weeks, for the whole of the month, then I'd estimate I bank at least another £1k. This is a significant amount of cash and I will not be so lackadaisical in future. I could be freerolling my holiday, or putting a bigger wedge into savings... not good! Proper application from now on!

I've bought some small pieces of Soap and Teamdobb in the Irish Open and WSOP respectively, which will hopefully see a return further down the line. GL fellas!

Looking forward to getting the approach right for every session in April :-) Gl all :-)

Thursday, 25 March 2010

The week so far in numbers

After my promise to attack the small stakes this week to put the month back in profit, well...I have! Back to completely crushing again - which I have done consistently all of this year - apart from one bad week at the start of this month. Pleased to have turned a corner out of a bad patch and hope it continues.

As you can see a pretty grim start. But reasonable (not amazing) volume and good application has put me nicely into the black. This should also illustrate just how important a good rakeback deal is! I'll be due another ~£600 in bonus & rakeback by the time month end arrives, and hopefully I can tag on some more winnings to that figure.

I'm at The Dog's tomorrow night for a pal's birthday. Should be a great night. Hopefully I can luckbox some wins on probably the most rigged game in the world (yes, even more than jokerstars ;-))

Have a good weekend everyone :-)

Monday, 22 March 2010

What could have been

Pretty much sums up my night. Just lost AQ vs AJ in the mFTOPS ME as my final tourney bust. Not playing any more as definitely tilted. Best result of the night was 4th place in the ~300 runner €4k GTD on Laddies for €460, but really annoyed as lost AJ vs A9 and then A9 vs KJ on final table to same fish who goes on to win it. Had such an edge on the FT but not to be.

Also treated myself a to good value satellite on Paddy Power for an Irish Open package. Down to nitty gritty with 57 left and 27 packages, and I lose 88 vs 55 at a critical stage when I had a critical stack size vs another critical stack. I don't mean critical as in mega short, but structure wise and how the tourney seemed to be playing. Can't say I'd have cruised it afterwards but would have been very confident.

Had some minor cashes on Full Tilt in the $42k and $32k GTD. Am up on the night total but considering the Irish Open sat was €320 it's not great. Bitterly disappointed with that and also the €100k on Laddies. Ran up a top ten stack with ~200 left and was picking spots nicely. I 3b another huge stack who must have had some kind of brain fart 4betting me AI w/AQ for a billion BBs and I snap w/KK. Guess he thinks I need a big hand to call but neglects to reason his own mental image and also the fact that to be 3b him in the first place I have a big hand. Of course the Ace pops up and I'm down to average. I end up bubbling 99 < A5. €25k ftw. FU.

Obviously unless you TID a tourney report is usually going to contain bad beats, and this one is no different. Annoying that most are 80/20s though :/ Think I'm still going to stick out these big Sunday tourney schedules though, the fields are just LOL. I'd kill for any of my tourney tables tonight to have been cash tables! Some more (bigger) scores are coming my way, I'm sure of it!

Earlier in the week I was at Cheltenham for Ladies Day with Ladbrokes. Great VIP poker setup as per with Laddies. Free booze all day but gutted to find out that there was no Champagne! Guinness it was for me and with no winners all day was looking grim till I found two E/W places in the final race to put me about £30 in the black. I was also at this point about 8 pints into the black!

After the races myself, Ben and a couple of other lads staggered into Cheltenham town for what I am fairly sure is the least I can remember about a night out, ever. I vaguely remember the walk in, remember nothing about the bars location/names/decor/clientele and don't remember paying £10 into the worst club in the world. Ben tells me I was a star on the dancefloor though. We return to our digs at about 4am, obviously wake the whole place up, and I fail to figure out how to boil the kettle to make a pot noodle. I remember being very confused as the kettle had a button to boil it, but no plug. Obviously the base was over the other side of the kitchen and my severe tunnel vision meant I couldn't figure this out!

The next day was spent expelling pure evil from my system in the morning, then ruining our nice land ladies plans of going out for lunch with friends by not surfacing till after 2pm. She was a star though and still cooked bacon sarnies, we quickly packed and then set off. I somehow managed not to kill us driving the 6 hours+ north in really shit traffic.

Some possible lifestyle changes are coming my way. I'm going to negotiate a part time job doing some journalism/IT work for a local paper. I'm hoping I can agree a two day week, as I think this would be a pretty perfect break from poker week in/week out. It will provide some structure, a definite income, allow me to see my dad more often (he writes for them too now he's retired and lives just round the corner) and open some avenues for writing/photography which I also enjoy. We'll see anyway. Monday I'll be doing that but afterwards it's mega grind time as I'm still down for the month before rakeback & bonuses. I'll fix that this week and earn a lot more on the rake side of things too.

Here's to a new week!

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Good habits

Today I got up reasonably early, did 30 mins on the bike and had a healthy breakfast. I then renewed my car insurance online and sorted out accommodation for Cheltenham later in the week. Myself and Holmes are going down with Ladbrokes VIP which I'm sure will be awesome as usual. I think we got pretty lucky in ragging some decent last minute digs, really looking forward to it :-)

I've logged three good sessions today totaling 7hrs 30m. First one a loser, second a big winner and third a small winner. Good though in that I've burned through 6.5k hands and €350 rake. Which goes a little way as consolation for my final session, where I won €33 but EV says €393, ten times as much LOL. I still made just shy of £400 (EV £620!) and crushed souls for 12bb/100. (I've just realised I've flicked currencies as I've been messing in HEM, great update!)

Going to play some more tomorrow, after a morning jog and again after helping my dad out at his new allotment. There is something deeply satisfying about eating something that you've grown. Looking forward to it :-) Let's keep up these good habits! Good luck all :-)

Friday, 12 March 2010

Bad habits

Been eating shit food, drinking lots, doing no exercise. Worse, these are leaking into poker. After pool last night I played drunk and lost £500. £400 of that was at 2/4 where there were two absolute idiots sat. I didn't get any of their action and lost the cash to regs :-(

I am now ridiculously determined to get back to mid January-February frame of mind and work ethic. Two good months and I go all wishy washy again. Tomorrow I'm doing a day of proper work, Sunday I think I'll do the tournies again, but from Monday next week onwards it's super grind mode.

Backside kicked!

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Sunday Tourneys (now w/results)

Have just reg'd for a boat load of tourneys across three sites where I have a reasonable roll:


1830 €20 €4k GTD
1900 €50r €100k GTD
2000 €20r 6m €4k GTD
2015 €1 Carnage €500 to 1st
2200 €20r €10k GTD


1900 €30 €10k GTD HH
1930 €20 ICOP ME €100k GTD

Full Tilt (ET):

1235 $3r $14.5k GTD
1345 $1 MiniFTOPS Warm Up $100k GTD
1400 $24 $42k GTD
1430 $20r $24k GTD
1500 $24 $33k GTD HH
1622 $22 DoubleDeuce $200k GTD

May unreg from the 2200 €10k on Laddies depending on how tired I am/what is still running. Looking forward to luckboxing the €1 Carnage on Laddies and beating 80,000 players over 10 hours for $3 profit in the MiniFTOPs warm up :-)

Gl me :-)


Managed some small cashes in the $1 mFTOPs Warm up, the €4k GTD 6m on Laddies and €10k HH on Virgin for a small profit on the night. Nothing really to write home about, all pretty standard hands.

I was in a great position in the €4k 6m but unfortunately blew it making a big call with KJ on JT66 turn after flop c/r (two clubs). Villain wasn't the type to slowplay preflop and weighted his c/r more towards broadway draws & club combos. Plus it's pretty damn hard to flop a set or two pair. Also my hand has excellent removal and I am crushing KQ and his straight & flush draws. JT it is though and I'm crushed. 99 loses to AQ after and gg.

Enjoyed the tourney day though, will keep a look out for some added value in the near future. Pretty sick run of tourneys coming up though, MiniFTOPs, Laddies Easter Festival and I assume WCOOP is approaching? I'm not a Stars reg though so not certain, may have to make a small deposit :-)

Good luck to anyone running deep tonight, especially Soap, Teamdobbs and Stumpy who I know are going well in respective tourneys atm :-)

Also, ship the Gatsby :-)

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Not done much in March

I'm really slacking off!

Did two full days of "proper" work Monday and Tuesday this week, as in restored & reconfigured a network computer for the newspaper office my dad reports for. Ended up doing loads of random computer kerfuffle for them, and as they employ my dad and were super chilled about me turning up at 11am each day, I didn't have the heart to charge them much. They paid cash in hand too, ka-ching!

Because of these full days of proper work, I haven't been playing much poker. I've been too tired after these *gasp* six hour days. LOL. It's not the length of worth that's the issue though, it's when it is. I've been wanting to play the Virgin Poker online series this week, they have some good value €20 tourneys running, but they start at 10pm and I'd just be dead money. As it was my plan to base poker around these this first week in March, absolutely no poker at all has materialised. I forced myself to play cash tonight (even though a bit tired) just to see if I still know how to play. I binked off more than double what I made Monday & Tuesday in just 45 minutes. Poker ftw.

Anyway I'm going to try and force a late night and consequently a super awesome lie-in in the morning. All in the name of proper application though! No play tomorrow as it's pool night (win and we secure the league with 4 games to spare!) but then hopefully some good volume over the weekend. I plan to play a proper schedule on Sunday and that means not getting horribly drunk in Durham on Saturday night. Hold one time!

Sunday, 28 February 2010

February P&L

Disappointing last week to a very good February. So close to being great, nvm.

NLHE 6max £1,100
NLHE HU £300
43k Hands

MTTs £3,100

Staking -£500

Rakeback £984
RTR Bonus £922

Live MTT -£19

Total: £5,887

Included number of hands played which I didn't for Jan. I forget but it'll have been around 70k, which means that this month wasn't good enough in that respect. I know I've slacked a bit this month. Also figs above are assuming I hang onto 3rd in RTR RR for $1,250. I'm hoping I do, I was $1k clear of 4th at last update.

Was great to have a MTT win, really takes the pressure off. I also put that down to a huge loss at staking, I head first dived into the deep end there.

Next month I really want to up the volume on the cash. I also plan to play as many Mini FTOPs as time/plans allow, and find good value tournaments to run alongside the usual cash tables. Good luck all :-)

Saturday, 27 February 2010

This week has been shit

I'm done for Feb now. Was going to play a lot today and tomorrow as worthwhile plugging on for a few extra points in both the Laddies and RTR rake races, but poker can fuck off for a couple of days.

I've consistently lost this week at a reasonable clip, putting my bb/100 for the month down to a paltry 3bb. Annoying after crushing for three weeks for Feb to end this badly. I have been on the wrong side of coolers for 10k hands and a short 1k session today really took the biscuit for -£600. Two years ago I'd have smashed something up good and proper. I'm not posting any hands though because even in a tiltrage state of mind I realise that they're not interesting and no one gives a fuck.

Still despite now feeling like shit I can't complain too much. I should still post a £5.5k month in February. If I'd somehow managed to break even this week that would have been over £7k. Still let's bank the £5k and get ready to kick the shit out of everyone next month!

Installed the new HEM update today. Pretty amazing update giving $/£/€ options which has been a long long time coming. Great for me playing on Prima obviously. I've also never really used the Rakeback + Bonus options in the HEM graphing functions. They look decent and I'm going to stay well on top of things in HEM next month as now with the currency fix is nearing a complete solution for me.

Right, have a good weekend everyone :-) FU poker!

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Swongs they be one thing

Had a pretty ridiculous few days. Minus £1.5k on Friday, and +£1k today. Was well down at one point today also...

Which thankfully rescues the month a bit after a very grim Friday night session...

Think I'm going to have to be stricter on myself about where I play. True I can take my laptop and have my HEM database, but I have a pretty sweet setup at home and am mega comfortable playing in my room. It's easy to pass blame on the smallest little thing, but +EV surroundings can't harm. Ignoring the environment that session was pretty sick anyway. I flopped top set 4 (four) times and lost every one, to regs wanting to get flush or straight draws in on the flop and bink it off. Those were deep too and well over half of my losses. Final hand of the night I am ~200bb deep with a complete 74/54 spazztard. I flop a set of 2s in a 3b pot on A2x, and he check/shoves my 12 euro cbet for 200 euros, with AA. Which is awesome because I have the only hand that can pay him off. Wp, log off, nn.

Anyway made good strides to recovering that with £300 yesterday and £1k today (graphs are effectively in €) and am pushing on for another great month. I want to win more in poker winnings than last month. I won't be able to rake as much but fingers crossed I can eclipse last months cash figures, then add onto that the €3.8k tourney score and it's happy days!

Good luck all in final week of Feb push :-)

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Look how manly I am!!

How you feeling Ben? ;-)

Yeah but seriously, it doesn't mean much. I've just quite radically changed my style again after some reading, thinking and work in HEM and I've been pwning left right and centre. Also this is so much fun to play! I was running reasonably bad at showdown but I guess it soon catches up, and it's great when you get a run going.

I delved into the world of staking on Sunday, wanting to make a nice gesture to people from the NPF who bought a % of me for the UKIPT which I was unable to play. I was in a great mood and offered ridiculously generous terms in a huge -EV move for myself, but like I say was in a brilliant frame of mind and "had a feeling" a big score could be binked off. Wrong. GG £500. I staked 8 players into FTOPS#8 and unfortunately only one min-cash and a few bounties were collected. Nevermind actually had a really enjoyable night railing.

If it wasn't for that little venture I'd be well over £5k up for the month, as it stands I'm just under. In fact it'll be over after rakeback etc. After my piss poor effort for first half of Feb I'm going to hammer away and log some hands. I'd be stupid not too when playing/things going this well. Top of the rake race at present but no way that will stand as there's a few MSNL regs and shortstackers who are sure to pull away. Top five hopefully though.

Good luck all :-)

Saturday, 13 February 2010


Unable to play the UKIPT I stayed in and played online. Pretty glad I did. Ship the €10k GTD for £3,200 :-)))

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

February ticking over

Have barely played so far in February, just managing to get 6.5k hands in. Thirteen of those hands were at NL400 where I saw a huge donk sat, from whom I managed to take $600 off. That's a big reason as to why I'm £900 up at the moment, as my volume has been crap. I plan to log as many hands as possible today and tomorrow before I choo choo down to Manchester for the UKIPT £550 Main Event.

Have sold some shares in my tournament already, but may increase the % I'm willing to ship out. Leave a comment or email me if you know me and want to buy a stake. Same terms as in the link above.

Will give a proper statto update once I get >10k hands in. Good luck all :-)

Monday, 1 February 2010

January P&L

Unfortunately this isn't as detailed as I'd have liked due to my database corrupting yesterday, but thanks to my Excel spreadsheet my P&L figures are - for once - very precise:

Poker winnings: £1,682
Rakeback: £1,080
RTR Bonus: £1,000 est

Total: £3,762

I was all set for a proper breakdown of HU, 6max, PLO, SnGs, and MTTs play, but alas I can't. I can remember roughly though that poker profit was made up of approx:

6max NL50: £50
HU NL50: £100
6max NL100: £950
HU NL100: £400
6max NL200: £250
6max PLO50: -£68

I didn't play any SnGs, and I think one MTT freeroll where I didn't cash. Also the RTR bonus is estimated as they are always a few days late with their figures, but should be reasonably accurate.

Also FYI, approx 55% rakeback this month. Big drawback of me losing my DB is that I can't work out my hourly, or know quite simply how many hours I played this month. It was above average that's for sure but counted big time with more effective kickback from RTR. The 55% figure is correct though. Absolutely awesome value from them, click the link top right if you're silly enough not to have an account with RakeTheRake yet.

So without doubt the most consistently focused I've been, playing sensible and dedicated hours, with a positive and controlled mindset, sees my best ever monetary results. Spot the trend?

I shall be referring to this post in future should I ever to rekindle levels of concentration and general outlook. Here's to more of the same in February! Good luck all :-)

Sunday, 31 January 2010

If only....

Upgraded to Windows 7 today, great piece of kit. Backed up and transferred everything across no bother. Also noticed there is a hefty update to v1.10 of HEM which has a big currency and EV fix. Great I thought! Well no :-/

As you can see from the SS above, my database is completely mashed. I have not played 500k hands this month, nor have I made $22k. Good job I've been keeping a mega detailed Excel spreadsheet in 2010.

Will play tomorrow and see if it's importing OK and I won't bother touching it, otherwise it's a full wipe and new DB time :-(

Friday, 29 January 2010


As a side to my usual games I've been playing a bit of Rush Poker over on Full Tilt. I hope you know what it is by now, cos I'm not explaining. Anyway it's absolutely tons of fun to play. My biggest downfall at the tables is image, and this almost totally eradicates it from all but the sharpest of note takers. The HEM HUD can't keep up with the action!

Anyway played a little more tonight, ran up a few buyins and decided to check my stats for the month on Full Tilt. I was pleasantly surprised!

Some days I've totally nitted it up, some days I've gone crazy and bet/3bet every flop. Really is tons of fun and hopefully I can keep plugging and build a reasonable secondary BR. I'm at $625 from $150 so a great start!

Have confirmed today that I'm going down to the Pokerstars UKIPT Manchester with Soap on the second weekend in February. Looking forward to this as the buyins are pretty much spot on for me. Big enough to warrant my A game, whilst not too big to be playing wary. I won't be playing the Main Event, but probably every side event. Might try and drum up some staking for the £300 game, am undecided how much I want to put in play. We'll see anyway.

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Running good whilst running bad


So yeah I totally crushed today running waaay above expectation. Guess I'm not allowed to whinge about -EV if I don't accurately balance my blog posting range ;-)

The running bad bit is unfortunately pretty bad though. I was sat on 6 of 8 Bad Beat Jackpot tables, and yes you already know what's coming. It was dropped on one of the other two tables. Pretty gutting to see the BBJ counter drop from $240k to $40k in the space of a few seconds, and know that you would have been $6k better off had you even been dealt into the hand :-(((((

But...after a squiffy week of downswing, lesser focus and tons of socialising (which kind of run into each other) I've got my month back on track to being a monster, with a nice $500 day yesterday too.

Outside of poker I had my first gym session of 2010 yesterday. Ouch I'm feeling it today. Also not told you about my knee for a while, it feels good after a long break. Will be hitting the bike again soon and testing it out in the gym, as I want to get fitttttt again by summer. Extra Ts for emphasis! I ordered that HDC HD2 phone too, which looks pretty awesome. It's a bit of a monster but runs Windows so I can sync my whole Outlook as well as some important Office documents, so I should be super organised. This will replaced my ageing iPhone, so unfortunately I won't know where I am anymore, but will know what the weather's like outside ;-)

Good luck all in your last push for January :-)

Wednesday, 20 January 2010


Pretty yacky downswing at the moment. Am -£1.3k since last post. I really feel like I shouldn't be either. I seem to have gone approx 10k hands not ever making a top pair type hand after raising preflop. Especially in 3b pots. I am bleeding in those something chronic the last 10k hands.

Today I am -£700 and EV says -£170. Nice slap in the face! I'm now well down on EV this month even after my amazing results in week 1. I've also played 50k hands already so the sample counts for something!

Anyway I'm changing the pace up a bit. Might grind the micros at Full Tilt for a bit, trying out that new "Rush Poker". I played it for 15 mins a few days ago; and I have to say, the concept is first class and quite surprisingly the execution is too! :-)

I've also been playing increasingly longer sessions, which is probably adding a bit of wear and tear to my psyche. I also went to bed at 8am last night (morning). Not good. Might try a bit of HU action, who knows. But definitely changing up the approach next couple of days. Glgl :-)