Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Poker Blog

OK thinly disguised digs and jokey posts aside, it's time to publish some poker content.

I've been partaking in a small stakes challenge this month on the NPF. All the details are in my thread, here. As you can see I've semi-regularly updated it and hence haven't been updating the blog when I really should have been. Cross post:

OK can't be chewed with SSs at this hour so I'm gonna just type up from HEM.

So far I have played a little over 11k hands at NL20 for €160, which is 7bb/100. Preflop stats are 24/20 with 7% 3b.

Since I made the big adjustments on the 2nd Dec I have actually crushed for 21bb/100. I also upped the # tables yesterday as I believe playing more tables at NL20 pushes my game into the more optimum zone... ie not getting bored and trying to win a random big pot.

My plan was to get to over 10k hands at NL20, and post results showing >5bb winrate. Mission accomplished there. Next step was up to NL50 and hopefully post the same, but most likely a much larger sample. I only wanted to play NL20 for the first week. In two minds now as it's definitely possible to crush this level. I'll start table selecting pretty hard at NL20/50 and take it from there :)

Aside from the mirco stakes cash play, I've occassionaly ground out the Super Turbos on FTP (currently at 20% roi), and this evening played an MTT session of a few hours, losing a small amount. I final tabled two $6 90 Man tournies but only managed 5th and 7th, not winning a single all in on both final tables (all AQ+, 99+)

Enjoying the change of pace so far but I've been quite lazy so far logging only 25 hours, but doing OKish at around £9 p/h :-S Looking to play a lot this week before I do a huge amount of driving this weekend down to Bristol, then up to Leeds then back up here in the space of a few days. Please car don't die!