Wednesday, 18 November 2009

The Turbos

Back in my retarded days I used to play 10 man "normal speed" sit-n-gos on the old Crypto network. After initally losing, I read HOH and got to grips with the structure and started crushing. I then learned I could make more $$$ playing cash so I made the gradual switch. The Full Tilt standard "normal speed" 9 man sit-n-gos are remarkably similar to the old crypto ones, so I started playing those this month. I'm a winner at those, but today I decided to have a pop at the turbos...

Just a quick hour and fourty five mins after my tea before I go out for pool. Ran hot obviously finishing ITM in exactly half of the tournies played. The $6.50s are "Turbos" with 3 min blind levels, and the $7.50s are "Super Turbos" where you only start with 10bbs on 3 min levels. So it's pretty mental action. I only decided to 9 table as I wasn't sure on how hard it would be, but I reckon I can do 12 next time. I reg'd for another super turbo if I bust in the first 3 levels so I got a few more of those in.

I'm going to stick to grinding the STTs for two reasons:

1) I'm 15 buyins below EV after only 6k hands shortstacking
2) I'm enjoying the tournies believe it or not!

I've also been playing the 90 and 180 manners on an evening and am +ROI there too, but no big scores yet, just consistent small cashes. I'll win some key hands late on soon for a nice return I'm sure. I'll post some more results and graphs when I've got a more meaningful sample :-)

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