Monday, 16 November 2009

Lack of updates = Shit times

So since I drunkedly pissed away £1.5k a couple of weeks ago, I haven't had a winning session since. Nice timing.

There's obviously a slight psychological contribution to the downswing, but the poker side of things has been quite horrific. I have been super happy getting my money in, but not at all happy with the outcome. A session a couple of days ago really took the biscuit. For the second time in my life I flopped quads and lost. I also flopped a full house and lost, and had two set under sets. I tried to play through it pushing a couple of big draws which of course didn't get there. If you read those last couple of sentences carefully you might spot a trend. I've been trying to slow down with my big hands a lot this month, and obviously still push big draws/observed weakness for fold equity. I may be playing Devil's Advocate with myself but it could be being picked up on. At least the results make it feel that way. As I can't win a big pot taking either passive or aggressive lines at all this month, I've decided to take that out of the equation and play braindead poker... Sit n Gos and shortstacking!

I played a 'tourney night' on Sunday with poor results, but a positive mindset to show for it. I was a couple of hours into 8 tournies accross two sites, and was above average in every single one. Then in the space of about 2 minutes I bust five of them in pretty standard setup spots. Then I make what I considered a standard call in the BB for 80% of my stack with KJs after a BTN push. I realised in horror after clicking 'call' though that this was the satellite to the Aussie Millions weekly final and I was 8/16 with 12 seats. FUCK! I obviously lose to Q3o.

I final table a $5 800 runner jobbie after totally pwning the field from 90 left. I am chipleader at the final table but I do a 'Phillip Hilm' and am first out in 9th. I opened tons of hands but chose well when to call off against re-pushes. I lose AK vs AJ, TT vs 88 and AQ vs 44. I am now short and push KQ in the SB into the BB's AA. GG. Pretty soul destroying.

Anyhow the small roll at Full Tilt I mentioned earlier in the month is now a little less small, growing to $350 after that monsterous $60 score taking 9th from 800 :-/ and some $5 STT grindage. I'm at 30% ROI atm playing batches of 12. I'm going to continue that this month. I'd normally consider it a waste of my time but I actually need to do it this month things are so bad. I cleared off all my credit in one lump last month so my life roll is short, and now my poker roll is short too! I'm going to shorstack the same cash games on Laddies as there isn't enough STT traffic for my multitabling abilities. I'll get some chat abuse from the regs but it's all a good lesson in humility imo. I've fucked up but I'm going to get out of it.

Gogogogo small stakes grindage!

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Baglife said...

Hey mate,

I like the blog. Hang in there you will figure it out. Hey At least you are not moving to Vegas and going broke out there!

I recently started a blog about poker and planning a move to Vegas:

Any input would be much appreciated, and I also linked your site under my favorites on the front page. Grind away!