Sunday, 29 November 2009

Donkament win

Feels great to take down such a large field tourney. After 99% cash poker for over a year now I forget the enourmous sense of achievement you can get from winning one of these. Ok so it's just a little $5 tourney but I'm chuffed to bits! There's $15 of bounties to add on too ;-)

Really happy with how I played it. Totally crushed from about 90 players left just playing the stack size game, and only racing for less than 50% of my chips, with it being nice to win on the two occasions that I did flip. Also helped to have two very weak players on the FT and as the field thinned and I remained chip leader it was just a matter of time in my mind.

Not all good news however in that I had a bad day at the cash tables yesterday, made a hero call that was not good (grrrr!) and lost a big flip, but the tourney score does help things somewhat. Hopefully I'm not done for Novemeber either as I'm going to log some serious tourney time early in the week when I can play longer sessions, whereas Weds-Fri I'm always out.

Good luck all :-)


Poker play the Soap way said...

mega well done

stumpy said...

agree mate nowt better than the buzz of winning mtt well done