Friday, 6 November 2009

The Butterfly effect

If I could make it so that one day in my life didn`t actually take place, yesterday would be it.

Was out with the lads in the local pool league, playing away out in the sticks somewhere and its not my turn to drive so I plan on having a few drinks. I sit down in one of those old deep window ledge seats with my first pint as we`re racking up for practise. I lean my shoulder blade against the window frame just gently and POP I feel it go. I half fall through the window as the whole room hears the glass break on the tarmac outside. I was lucky not to cut myself as it was an awkward break on obviously old glass, where there was some hefty shards still in the frame. Still quite embarassing to have to fetch the landlord and apologise. He didn`t believe my story one bit.

So this mishap makes me intent on getting even more drunk. But the next catastrophe would happen whilst still sober. My round, I walk through the rabbit warren of corridors out of the pool room and into the bar, and make my way back with a tray of 6 drinks. A couple of our lads were running late but had arrived whilst I was at the bar. I say hello to Steve as I walk into the room, and he turns excitedly to greet me not realising I have a tray of drinks. Too late. They go everywhere, half down him half down me and soak the floor in the pokey pool room. Landlord present. Sarcastic "double thumbs up".

We whitewash the pool, thomping home with a 9-0 away win. I wash down a nice supper with a few more whiskey and lemonades. As I`ve been in a horrible 7am-2pm sleep routine for a while now, I obviously can`t just go to sleep. I`m also past the point of wanting to sober up too, so I crack open a bottle of wine in the house.

Cock, cock, cock, cock, COCK!

I stupidly decide to play some poker. I was up over £1k for Novemeber. Was.

I`m now down £500. So I effectively lost £1500 yesterday. £300 of that was legitimately on the afternoon, but still. This was pretty much all HU NL50 which is just a totally stupendous amount of buyins. I mean really! One opponent was truly terrible and I ran horri-bad against him, but the other few were capable and once they figured out I was hammered just entered lock up mode and only played TPGK or better poker. Thing is, I even knew they were doing this, but drunken mentality rules and "I must play on to bust him". Didn`t happen.

I hadn`t played drunk online in aaaages too. I really thought I`d cracked it. And last night I really was beyond drunk. I`ve woken up to quite a few "buddy list" invites in my inbox! Flip side there though in that I`ve got some good rematches when I play again, but it won`t be for a while yet.

Punishing myself with a low stakes grind. I`ve got $200 in Full Tilt which will be at $500 by the end of the weekend, and $1500 by the end of the month. Plan is to return to usual stakes next week and then just part time grind FT after that.

I`m not done. Took another life beat today at Halfords. I bought a new car stereo earlier in the week, a fancy one that can take my iphone and that I`d hoped would hook up to my steering wheel controls. I fitted it myself the other day no bother, but couldn`t get the steering wheel controls going no matter what I tried. I`d bought the extra wiring and patch leads but it just didn`t work. Not a huge problem I thought, I`ll just pay Halfords £20 to do it, as they`ve got advertised. Managed to drag myself up and drive there for 2pm. The guy faffed on for an hour, consulted the largest book I`ve ever seen, eventually concluding that my particular model controls would only work with the stock Vauxhall radio. Cack. He fits it anyway and we go inside to checkout, "That`s £39.99 please sir". "Err, no it isn`t". I point to the sign. He belatedly explains that the offer is for basic models and mine is a super awesome complicated one. I try to string a sentence together telling him that he hasn`t done that though, it was a very basic fitting as none of the extras work. It`s all electronically linked though and it he can`t ring it through for any less. I feel like shite so just give up and pay. £40 on something I not just "could do" but actually already had done!

Anyway that`s the ramble over with. Going to enjoy a weekend off with mates :-) Also pretty impossible to feel bad about the world after you watch this. Go on, don`t laugh!

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