Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Winding October down

I've been kept pretty busy outside of poker lately. Infact I've got quite a lot to get done before the end of this week.

Wallpaper stripping is an absolute bastard. Especially when it's the non vinyl stuff that only peels of an inch at a time. You know when you try and use old selotape, and you just manage to find the edge and get your finger underneath and start to peel, but oh no it won't be having any of that! It gives a giant "fuck you" splitting 1/16th" in running in a huge diagonal down one side leaving you with a tiny sliver of selotape that you just get caught inbetween your fingers. Well increase the scale a hundred fold and rinse/repeat a gajillion times and we're getting there. That, and then there's 20 year old stuff on underneath that. Borrowed an industrial steamer from a decorating mate and what a day I've just had. Using one of those things in a confined hallway/staircase on your own is a fucking nightmare. I've got multiple scaldings up both arms, down both legs and even on my arse. With every window open the place was still like a sauna. That was even with me working like Japanese prisoner of war scrubbing furiously to get all that shit off. Anyway that's almost done, I'll get that finished tomorrow.

I must do my tax returns that I just continually put off. I won't be leaving for weekend frivoloties in Newcastle if I've not done them. Consider this a final reminder. To do lists just don't cut it anymore!

Pool is going well, and taking up quite a bit of my time too. I'm top of the Thursday league by a mile, and was top on a Wednesday too, but I think that may have dropped to second after we only managed to scrape a win last week. I'm back lifting strong in the gym again, but not without side effects. I'm eating like a monster and not doing any cardio, so I've got a bit of winter/post Vegas belly going on.

Ah Vegas! I got the DVD of our canyon trip last week, which I must get copies done for the lads at the weekend. Also need to get some more of 'The 9 day Hangover' highlight footage sorted. Think I'm going to throw in an epic 8 hour session of editing tonight to get at least a substantial amount of storyboard down, even if it'll take a lot longer to perfect.

I'm thinking about wrapping poker up for October to allow me to get all this other stuff done. I'll still do the odd bit of bumhunting at the low HU stakes, but no more proper sessions I don't think. I recovered really nicely, looking at a ~£2.3k month if I was to stop now. Will look at maybe playing the NPF game at the weekend, will depend on if Ben can play and a few other logistical nightmares. I'm really quite busy day-to-day, yet I barely ever know what I'm doing two days in advance. I think I'm going to migrate my Gmail to Outlook and start using the Calendar/Appointments feature and becoming *gasp* organised and responsible. It'll sync with my phone too so it's a no brainer really. I'll do that now actually.

Good luck all, hope you all find some run good to end October like I have :-)