Wednesday, 21 October 2009


Good news post. Nearly wasn't.

I've played some long sessions the last few days. I think it's down to training really hard at the gym which in turn is leading to me sleeping like a baby. I'm getting ~9hrs of real quality shut eye at the moment. So my focus is really sharp over longer periods of time. Didn't do me any good last night though as I logged a -£500 session. I had just ground up to near even for the month too. EV says I missed £400 in that session and that did not feel good.

Tuesday is generally a heavy poker day for me, it's my day off from the gym and as Monday kind of seeps into being 'the weekend' nowadays, it's the start of my week :-/ I got straight back on the horse and won that £500 back in a couple of hours before lunch. Fastest comeback ever. Made some hands vs hands, never needing to suck out or hit a draw I hadn't already hit harder than my opponent :-)

Had some food, had a break, played some 'Command & Conquer Generals: Zero Hour' online. Love that game. Used to play it loads at Uni over the network with housemates. Great gameplay. Came back to the tables and played a couple more hours for a small £50 loss. Decided I wanted a bit more poker action though so popped to the Co-Op to refuel. After demolishing my pizza (with tons of extra cheese on) I sat down with my packet of Maoam Stripes to play some HU. About 3 hours later I'm £200 better off and riding the sugar rush headbanging to Queen on my earphones.

I was playing in $ though which sucks as my HEM gives all $ values, when infact the majority of my play is in €. Now I've mixed and matched a bit my HEM currency is effectively 95% of the €. Gay. Another thing I've noticed is that my HU stats are 78/72/30. I mean I've not just realised it, I knew I played a lot of hands. But fucking hell I think it's just sunk in! I give the most action by miles at the low HU stakes on Laddies. I mentally tag a 54/48 opponent as 'loose' when I'm playing them! I know I'm going to have to drop 20% to be profitable higher, but for the moment I'm having fun pwning with a massive VPIP.

I'm now roughly £500 up in pure poker play, but with RTR and rakeback it's effectively double that which is pleasing after the shit start to October. Hopefully I can continue to string some more wins together and fingers crossed I can hit the £2k mark by month end.

Also interesting in that triple my normal audience clicked the 'Brenos Poker' link lurking around other blogs last week when my latest update was entitled 'Almost dead'. Oooh you do like a bit of goss! Thanks for stopping by again on the ridiculously dull title of 'Progress'. Stay tuned next week for 'Meg Fox Porno' ;-)

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