Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Not going great

Pokerwise have struggled to log a winning session this month. I've just won a couple of hundred back at HU tonight, but I'm still in a £500 hole for October. Good points though:

1) Volume is good again, getting back into the groove
2) I'm running like shit

I know 2) is probably the most common blog post ever ever ever. So I'm not going to dwell too much. But a few £200+ pots I've got the money in really good only to be sucked out on, and have been hugely coolered a few times. Not quite to the tune of Jackal vs Holmes in home poker games, but still. Also give me AA vs KK just once please.

I really need to make bank this month. I've racked up some credit from Vegas and I really need to clear that off. I've also got another £300 car bill. I hate my fucking car. Already motored my way up the RTR leaderboard though (that's the only motoring I do) so if I can just manage turn my winrate upside down then I should be OK.

I've got tons to do besides poker also. I'm playing in two Pool Leagues for the Winter Season, I'm vice captain on a Wednesday and captain on a Thursday, so those evenings are write offs. I'm at the gym three times a week and should be running on my off days. I've not so far though because I've started squatting in the gym again and boy do my legs and arse hurt! Also not got Vegas photos on Facebook yet (the family friendly ones of course) and have barely progressed on the compilation movie I've promised to make. Ben needs to get his photos copied to me though (hint/deflection). Bear with me guys, I promise it'll be good. I just need some time to make some money first. Definitely no time for any 9-5 shit I mentioned earlier!

Good luck all and good luck me. Come on Brenos get it together lad!

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