Thursday, 10 September 2009

'H' from Steps has died


Pokerwise I've made a bit of a mini recovery playing solely HU on Ladbrokes. I can't be bothered grinding the normal stakes before Vegas because another big swing could put a real dampener on things. Steady away though I've been making a pretty consistent £50 a day on the HU tables and it's all been easy so far. I ran pretty badly today but am enjoying the change of pace. Decided on taking the laptop away with me which will help for emails to clubs for guest list malarkey, and to have a quick 30 min blast on the HU tables every day when we're all getting ready to go out :-)

I have been doing some grinding elsewhere though. I've made a small deposit on Pokerstars to see how I like the software and see if I can grind a bit of a roll there. I quite like these gay little projects. It's not great cost effective use of my time, but is +HapinessEV for sure :-) This will lead to a final decision on whether I want to move the majority of my roll there next year and attack Supernova benefits. Good news in that I can comfortably 20 table 6max cash. The software is top class, and along with TableNinja you have an amazing array of time savers and automation just a key press away. TableNinja is the single best piece of poker software ever. Full stop. I had though that 20 tables of 6max would be a time-out fest, but I didn't even hit the time bank once in a one hour session (1400 hands!). I think I have to send an email to support to have it raised to the maximum 24 tables and will take that approach as I continue to build. I am obviously incredibly exploitable playing this style, but it'll certainly do the trick up to NL25.

I've been for consecutive 3 mile runs these last two days also. My knee feels pretty good. Perhaps a little bit fatigued today but nothing compared to how my shoulders, back, arse, thighs and calfs feel! Got another few miles to get through tomorrow too before I drink some of my hard work away at the weekend. Potential home games evening on the cards with pool/darts/table tennis/poker and a few beers on the menu! Hope you all have an enjoyable end to the week :-)

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