Friday, 4 September 2009

Can't get going

September so far has been rubbish. I'll log on, bluff off a buyin in the first few hands, saying to myself "he has to have a set here to call" and boom yes, shows me the set. I've also turned a couple of hands into bluffs on the river with disasterous consequences. Think I'm 0/5 in >100bb river bluffs. Villain either has the hand I'm trying to rep, or I I'm not picking the right opponent for this move :-S

I'll then get coolered a couple of times and lose an 80/20 to go £250-300 down. This has happened each of the three times I've sat down to play a proper session. I'll then grind back up and finish about £100 down and feel like I've achieved something, but not really. So I'm a few hundred down at the minute, EV says I should be £50 up but can't whine too much about that over ~5k hands. Let's try again...

EDIT: Fuck you weekend retards. 80% of £ goes in good, but you somehow get there in the most hideous of ways. Am now -£800, EV says -£300 but that can't account for Captain Retardo calling down and backdooring the world. Also, fuck you combinatorics.

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