Tuesday, 1 September 2009

August Review

In a nutshell, went really well. Much better than I could have hoped for the stakes I've been playing, with the target of locking in a win before Vegas achieved nicely. Also having read Soap's and Holmes' blogs (on right) I should really do a proper monthly breakdown and keep better records. I rely on HEM too much. Anyway here's an attempt but it will be slightly out as I've played two sessions on mates' computers where my play hasn't been tracked.

NL50: £2,100 (51k hands - 90/10 6max/HU)
NL100: -£920 (3k hands 6max)
Tournaments: Only played free/bonus entries and won nothing
Rakeback (20%): £550
RTR: £620
PPs (10%) and other bonus: £310

Total: £2,660

Chuffed to bits with that result as I've effectively been a NL50 pro in August. Also if I'd had the 10 buyin downswing at NL50 instead I'd be looking at a £3k month. Crazy.

Saturday I played the £75 Will Hill added tourney at Aspers with Holmes, Soap and Jackal. Also had a catch up and chat with Teamdobbs and recognised many more faces in a 100+ runner field. Not going to discuss stuff in depth here but I chipped up nicely and was always above average. I then ran a bluff against the tightest player in the entire tournament (any guesses in comments?) which actually sounds a lot worse than it was. He has such a narrow range (ergo easily identifiable) and on this board by the river he folds most of it. Just a shame for me he turned 'a two outer' for the nut boat. Anyway by that time I'd had a few beers watching the mighty Man Utd overturn the scum of the Premiership (I fucking hate Arsenal) and was quite ready to go out and join a few friends for more drinks. Before that though I made a couple of quick stops at the Blackjack tables
inbetween checking on mates still in the tourney, to eventually win my buyin back.

Yet again it's taken me till today (Tuesday) to recover from a weekend where I only got drunk once. My sleeping pattern was thrown well out of whack though, but still, getting old! Vegas is only 18 days away now so I'm going to eat super clean in a final push to shift another half stone or so. I'm also going to try and log 20k hands in 12 days, as I've realistically only got till the 13th to play properly as I've got other commitments including going to Blackpool for the Newcastle game on the 16th. I'll make a conscious effort to update the blog regularly in that time, as it'll help keep me motivated. Good luck for September everyone :-)


BH said...

Good skills mate - maybe you are right, NL50 fish fest is the way to go!!

Anonymous said...

Your gonna win that bet...monster sessions at the weekend