Friday, 21 August 2009

Older and wiser

As I was doing pretty well this month, I decided to move back up to NL100. It didn't go well. I'm not sure I've mentioned this on my blog, but it's very rare I have a good weekend at poker, at least online. I tend to do well on weekdays and donk a little back at the weekend to the recreational players. I think I've got this leak plugged now and it's pretty easy to do. I just imagine their screen to have no fold button, and control the hand that way. Stop being an overly aggro spew monkey. Profit.

Anyway I decided to wait till Friday night to have a pop at NL100 again. I bluffed two rivers giving my opponents far too much credit for being able to fold a hand. Seeing triple figure stack sizes again fooled me a little. Also they have stats on me being retarded, so guess I should have known better. So I'm now a little under £200 down. But then I suddenly start to smack flops right in the face. In the next 30 minutes I flop two sets, a straight, a flush and top two pair. I lose all pots to go about £800 down. Two oversets, a bigger flush and the others got legitimately outdrawn in standard spots. I had initially said I'd stop if I somehow managed to lose £500 (a kind of bleh contingency as I never expected to be down at all the way I've been playing) but I just shrugged and carried on as I basically fist-pumped every spot where I got the money in, I just got coolered to hell. I upped and downed a little and eventually ran KK into AA and lost QQ vs AK, so I canned it after 3k hands and a £1k loss. Kind of shellshocked to dump 10 buyins in one session, and it being a doubly expensive one. Really glad I didn't blog after it cos it would have been a total Soap Emo fest. So that was last Friday.

I went out for an Italian with friends on the evening and got quite drunk finishing up on Dominican Republic rum cocktails. A few of which were made with '151' which was developed by NASA in 1965. Saturday I did nothing but gradually get a worse and worse hangover (funny stuff that rum) and get really good at Archery on Wii Sports Resort. I also messed up the diet a bit more by having a takeaway that was apparantly a Thai Red Curry. Was it fuck.

After a little play on Monday for a small profit (back at NL50) I then turned 26 on Tuesday. A quite astonishingly young age if you read a few blogs ;-) I got a pretty hideous shirt from mother. That's going back. And then general smellies/money/boy presents.

I've since had another few meals out with friends and family and completely buggered up my good progress on the weight loss, not finding time for the bike either. I felt guilty today and really wanted to do 30km. I had to jack that in at 22km though as my arse was fucking killing. I've always loved running and thus have basically never cycled in my life (apart from ploughing my face into a brick wall when I was a teenager - that's another story) so my arse isn't used to such a pounding. There's a joke in there somewhere. I have a weight loss bet on with Briggsy as to who can lose the most before we fly out to Vegas. To be honest he's really let himself go these last couple of years, and although he knows it I hope reading this will give him a further kick up the arse! I really should lose the bet and I don't especially mind either if it gets Briggs back on the right track. I might get a stone shifted in the next four weeks, we'll see mate! Lion fish!

Anyway good news in that I'm only £120 away from making back the £1k I lost last Friday. In the last three days I've done pretty well at NL50, taking the monthly total to 46 buyins in 36k hands, at 13bb/100. That's pretty damn EPIC! Just a shame NL100 had to go so badly, I do fancy another shot before month end!

Also, wanted to write a few quick thoughts down about the top sportsmen in the world. I think that this current crop of top athletes is just something else. I envy my dad's generation as he has more of a basis of comparison, but really, just how good are Bolt, Federer, Woods, Messi, Mayweather et al?!? It stands to reason that we are going to continue to improve, but to see Bolt just completely demolish the field and blitz his previous 'amazing' world records was something else. In the 200m tonight he moved up three places in the first twenty metres, taking into account the stagger for the corner! I can't stop watching that in BBC iPlayer! Yes bad timing to mention Woods, but still. I'm not a huge tennis fan, but whenever I see Federer I just think, "Wow, how could there have ever been anyone better?" I also think that Messi is going to go down as the greatest ever footballer, eclipsing Pele and Maradona. Anyway don't really know where I'm going with this, guess I just wanted to show some appreciation. Good luck all :-)

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