Wednesday, 12 August 2009

More good grinding

I've continued plugging away at just NL50 this month, and well, results are good.

I don't want to blow my own trumpet a bit here, but that is the single best >20k sample at NL50 6max I've ever seen, and I've read a lot of 2+2 threads! Obviously better winrates are attainable at HU but I'm pretty pleased with the fruits of this month's labour. Thirty three buyins in 12 days, at a rate now over £40 p/h.

That $1250 from RTR will definitely be going straight into the bank now to cover my 50p Fixed Limit Omaha losses to Azz on the flight to Vegas. I'm also reasonably comfortably rolled for NL100 which is quite an achievement considering how nitty I have been with BRM. Vegas obviously the main contributor there, my car being not far behind, and a not-so-close third is buying healthy food! Super healthy diet combined with lots of gym and bike is starting to show some rewards, I'm definitely trimming down and should hopefully be looking and feeling great for Vegas :-) Expensive business eating healthy though! But yeah, the BRM... I think I'm still going to nit it up and play NL50 for this week, and if I can rattle off a few more buyins then I'll hit NL100 at the weekend.

I've kind of lost track with this blog entry, wanted to talk poker a bit more but my mind has gone to mush. One thing I have been doing is calling a lot more instead of 3betting. A big part of my profit has come from regulars thinking I couldn't possibly have that hand, as I would have 3bet preflop. TYVM another buyin :-) I'm also making what I used to consider reasonably 'big folds' as if they were nothing. I've have to re-adjust hand reading somewhat as there are only very few people making moves at NL50, but the radar seems to be spot on at the moment. Roll on more good, controlled grinding. Good luck all :-)

EDIT: Soap for Prime Minister!

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and I forgot to mention - many thanks to my new coach soap who has made my game great again :)